Immagration blog post #1

Our class just recently started an immagration project! I am going to be interviewing my babysitter! She came from Jamacia! Pretty cool right!
Anyway I’m asking a series of questions some are,what were your feelings when you left? What was your first job in America?, who was your first American friend? How did the relationship become? And much more!
When I interview her I definitely will ask her for pictures and souvenirs!
I can’t wait for this interview! It’s going to be very interesting and it will help me learn more about immigration!

Rube Goldberg #6

My rube goldberg was a learning experience. I learned how to think out of the box and try new ways to do things! I definitely learned what it’s like to make a big puzzle to do a simple task! Maybe when I’m older I can try to build one that has electricity and stuff like that! I’m super sad it’s over but it’s ok because I had a great time doing it!

Rube Goldberg #5

Hi! So today i’m going to be talking about trying the machine and succeeding! I tried 19 times because the cup of dog food wouldn’t drop so we had to try so many times! The train wouldn’t go through the tube so we had to try many times! Then the lucky time happened everything worked perfectly and the cup went in the bowl and the train went through and it succeeded!!

Rube Goldberg #4

Hi! I’m going to be talking about building my machine! It wasn’t that challenging because, I had my mom and my brother to help so we worked together! I Think it was very fun to build because it fun to think out of the box and get creative! I think the only thing that was very hard was putting up the dominos over and over again!

Rube Goldberg #3

Hi! Today i’m talking about sketching my machine! I wanted to make my sketch to be on a poster, first I did my sketch and it didn’t turn out the way I wanted. So I had to make a new one. My new one was labeled better, more clear and was updated on what I changed!

Rube Goldberg #2

Hi! I’m going to be talking about what it’s like to work alone. It is fun because you get to choose all the decisions and don’t have to agree on something with a partner. Also you get to choose what task yours is or what you think can improve other things. But there is some problems like, “ what should I do for my task?” or “ should I do this or that?” But its also fun to have some problems because then you can take your time and really work hard! So in conclusion it’s good and bad at the same time!

Rube Goldberg #1

Hi! So I’m going to be talking about decision making! I decided to work with a partner but she decided to work alone. So I had to work alone. I’m starting to build and I want my task to be to tip a cup of dog food in to my dogs bowl for her to eat! I love my task and super excited for it to work! I wanted to work in my room because I have a big wide space and I definitely want to add dominos!! So me, my mom and my brother are working together to make things possible.

We video reflection

I really liked this topic because it was really fun to do. We picked the topics from our social issue book unit. My topic is family loss because in my book it talked alot about this issue. It was a unit in computer to we took our topics , found pictures, music and sentences. It was a fun unit and i hope you enjoy my PSA!

Zoo Catasrafy


By Lucy


On a great day a girl named zoey and her friends,Dylan, Bridget, Abby and Jenna were going on a field trip to the zoo.They were super excited.


The next day zoey wasn’t feeling well. It was the day before the zoo. But zoey still went to school. But she didn’t feel well. So she went to the nurse, Her temp was 102.2!!!! NOO Zoey has to go home!


On the day of the zoo Zoeys mom checked her temp it said 98.9 because it is the broken one and they didn’t relize. Zoey was soooo happy! She took her animal shoes,shirt and pants! She got to school and she got on the bus… Zoey got to the zoo and LOVED IT!!!! She was fine until… she got SICK!! Ewwwwww!!!! All the kids said. Zoeys mom got a call saying,” Zoeys sick please drive here and pick her up.” So she did. They both got home and relized they used the wrong one then they used the right one her temp is 102.2!


On the weekend Zoey was better. Zoeys mom felt bad that she missed most of the zoo trip. Zoeys mom took zoey to the zoo. Zoey Loved the fish part.