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Hello world! I am Lucy and I’m in fourth grade. I have a twin, Serena, and older sister who is sixteen.

I love sports. In particular I love Ice skating, dance, lacrosse, basketball, and volleyball.  I remember my first time I stepped onto the ice. I made my twin go first.  I held my older sister’s hand and I took a breath and figured out all the possibilities. My first time I  played volleyball i just played around in the sand.  The next time I was ready to play, but I needed to learn a lot and I realized that I needed of work, but at least I had fun. I never became a very good at volleyball.

I LOVE dessert! What’s not to like? I like vanilla when it’s cold and chocolate when it’s hot. I think that dessert is the best thing ever invented, it’s tasty, yummy, delicious and sweet I think dessert stupendous. It’s so tasty and I think that even though it is sometimes it is unhealthy, but it’s delicious so that’s all I care about. I remember one time when I went to a Gardelis chocolate factory and I ate some much chocolate.

I also like to cook. One reason I like to cook is so I can look forward to eat it. At least you get to look forward to a reward. My first time I made mac and cheese I ate half of a stick of cheddar and later when my sister told me to hold the pot when she was stirring the sauce she spilled the mac and cheese sauce on me! I couldn’t believe it my very own sister burned me!

What is your favorite thing to do?



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  1. rshalmi26 at |

    Dear Lucy,
    great blog I love how you put so many animals and other stuff to in your food web.Its really Detailed but food webs supposed to be detailed so job well done.

  2. lmazer27 at |

    Dear Lucy,
    To anser your question my favorit thing to do is bascetball! I love it so much. I love how you told what you liked and almost how you became to love it so much. What is your favorit thing to back? I love to back chocolate cookies with my mom.


  3. Nell at |

    Dear Lucy,
    I love dancing too. What kind of dancing do you like? I’m sorry your sister spilled hot mac and cheese sauce on you.
    I hope you write back!



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