Arctic Food Web

I have made an ecosystem about the arctic. An ecosystem is when living and nonliving things interact so they can survive. Every food web starts with the sun the ultimate source of energy. Every food web is different because of the climate. Only some animals can live in the arctic. For example a giraffe can not live in the arctic because of the weather.

My food web is the arctic food web in my food web I show producers, consumers and decomposers. The producers are the arctic grass and arctic flowers. They are called producers because they produce their own food. Consumers on the other hand do NOT produce their own food. They have to kill or munch on something to get food. Just like humans! Decomposers on the other hand eat dead things. Gross right? However if we didn’t have lichens the world would be covered in leaves, dead bodies and animals.

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  1. kassatly at |

    Lucy! I love your post! You web looks great too. I think that explaining what a consumer, producer, and decomposer is was a good idea. You wrote this in an interesting way. Nice job!

  2. scassidyteti26 at |

    Your post is awesome! I love how you used exotic animals.


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