Reading nonfiction with Ms. Berger’s class

I like the fact that we had a good nonfiction unit. I think It was a good idea to do it with Ms. Berger’s class and not only our class. Then we can work with friends from other classes. We had lessons every day about how to do things, how to read and how to write nonfiction. Mr. DeBerry came in every week to help us with our nonfiction. Mr. DeBerry gave us reading homework we had to fill out each night.

He talked to us about how we should set the mood for the reader and how we should hook the reader. He taught us how to make more comparisons and to raise questions. However, I know I’m writing nonfiction. He told us that when we write we should give the readers new thinking and raise questions and sometimes you can answer them.

We had to study two weather topics. When we studied them, we had  to think of a question and then they have to answer it. We called it a spark question. Ms. Berger showed us this video on YouTube about this guy and how he made a fire out of sticks.

For our question we had to find a good question, and we needed to build off of that question. We needed to repeat that process over and over again.

We learned how to make notes. We learned how notes can’t be full sentences. We also learned about when you take notes you have to think about the text structure. Such as  boxes are bullets, compare and contrast, problems and solutions, etc.

We wrote the summary and we would have to try to answer the question.  We wrote summaries about weather topics. By the end of the unit Mr. DeBerry gave us four pack of passages with four questions each. Mr DeBerry told us and talked to us about when we’re reading nonfiction and when we’re doing the summary, For example we had to say the authors name and then we would say that. We all had a wonderful time writing the summary.

Check out our slideshow about our topics and we worked together for a couple of days. After we presented our slideshow. We worked together for a few day, but in the end we finished. We had a great time with our slideshow.


Mr. DeBerry taught us about how to read difficult texts. Go back to stop every paragraph and be like okay what does this mean? If this text is hard then you might want to use this technique.

We used this place called flipgrid. On flipgrid my classmates talked in videos about what we did during this unit.

I had a lot of fun doing this unit. We learned so much. From friendship to writing to reading we learned how to be the best we can.  


This is the book that Mr. DeBerry taught us with.

Everything Weather by Kathy Furgang.

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  1. Dr. Luft at |

    Hi Lucy,
    Your slideshow looks excellent. I like the way that you posted this link to your blog. You use a lot of modalities in your writing and as a reader, I find your posts really interesting.

  2. scassidyteti26 at |

    Your post is really good! It is so long and I like it that way. And you where the first one to finish!

  3. eha26 at |

    Dear Lucy,

    I loved how you explained what Mr.DeBerry taught us and I like how you put in your slideshow and videos plus you even added a picture. I loved how you explained what Mr.DeBerry taught us and you even put links that had to do with your post and not just random things!I like how you wrote a lot in your post and you even used paragraphs! From: Emma


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