Having a Twin is Challenging

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Have you ever wanted a twin? There are eight sets of twins in our grade. I am one of them. Most people don’t know the challenges of being a twin. Most people think that being a twin is all fun, but being a twin is challenging. When you are a twin you have to share, be fair, and most importantly have personal time.

Sharing is a big part of being a twin. Serena and I share a room, clothes, parents, presents, ect. When Serena and I got a present from mom as an early Hanukkah present. I got a coloring book and Serena got a origami set and I had to share like my whole present with her. Sharing is really hard when you are a twin.

Fairness is challenging when you are a twin. When I came downstairs to breakfast I saw a huge piece of bread and a tiny piece I was about to sit down, when Serena bursts down stairs and sits where the big piece of bread was. When you are a twin things have to be fair or you will make your twin upset.

When you are a twin you need personal time. You don’t get your own time to hug mom. Or your own time to play with your dad. I try to get there attention, but Serena buts in to the hug, converstation, playing, ect. I was extending my arms to hug mom and we finally touched. We went together just like milk and cookies. Suddenly the door swings open and Serena bursts in and steals the hug. It’s hard to have personal time when you are a twin.

Having a twin can be challenging. You have to share, be fair, and have personal time. However twins are b.t.b.f.f ( born together best friends forever. )


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    Nice post, Lucy! I love seeing a clear essay structure…but also hearing about your relationship with Serena!


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