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  1. cculang26 at |

    Dear Lucy
    Your response and video were very interesting. I really liked how compared children from colonial times and children from now. I think you did a great job

    Love Cami

  2. mlanda26 at |

    dear Lucy,

    I like how you made your video. What you said was very interesting and you made it very clear. Also I like your background pictures!

    from Mia

  3. rshalmi26 at |

    Hi LuLu I loved how you explained that children work a lot harder then we work today but is that true I mean we have lots of math.I also liked how you included electronics you really made me laugh.Keep making me laugh and teaching me you did a great job bye!

  4. jsaxon26 at |

    Dear Lucy,
    I like how you made the background images transition at just the prefect times. I also like how you used expression.
    From, Jake

  5. nbeckmann26 at |

    Dear Lucy,
    I like how you compared colonial times to now days. I also liked your pictures, from Nathan

  6. azaitchik26 at |

    Dear Lucy,
    I like how you did a comparison because that really showed me that colonial times were very different than today and that we take it for granted that we don’t work as much as colonial children did. I also like how you included the rules that colonial children had because that is important information to me. I wonder if any colonial children ever got hung as a punishment. I hope they didn’t because if their family really loved their children, they will not let that happen. You did such a good job. From,


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