Notes From a Liar and Her Dog By: Gennifer Choldenko

The book Notes From a Liar and Her Dog is written by Gennifer Choldenko. In this book Antonia MacPherson is the main character who tells people that she is adopted even when she knows she’s not.

I think that Antonia has a good point about seeming adopted because on pg 5 it says that Antonia looks nothing like her sisters and certainly doesn’t act like them. Another reason why I think Antonia has a point about being adopted is because even their names are very different, like her older sister’s name is Your Highness Elizabeth and Antonia’s younger sister is Katherine the Great, while Antonia was named after her uncle Anthony, Antonia is the only girl in their family that was named after a boy.

I think that Antonia is mischievous because on pg 17 Antonia sneaks out of the house to walk Pistachio even though on pg 12 Antonia’s mom says that Antonia isn’t allowed to leave the house or else Pistachio will need to sleep outside instead of Antonia’s room.

I think that Harrison Emerson is an important character because he is Antonia’s best friend and he is always with her like on pg 1 Harrison is there. There is even a chapter called, “Harrison Emerson.”

In this book Just Carol is an important character because she is mentioned in so many different chapters and there is also a chapter called “Just Carol.” I also think that Just Carol is a supporting character because after Just Carol told the principal and Antonia’s mom about how she always says that she is adopted, she asked Antonia and Harrison if the wanted to go to the zoo to help out the animals and they obviously said yes.

I also think that Mary-Judy is an important character because once again there is a chapter called “Mary-Judy.” Mary-Judy is also an important character because if she wasn’t there tan most of the book would boring.

Kigali is also an important character because once more there is a chapter called “Kigali.” Kigali is also important because when Antonia and Harrison go to the zoo and feed the giraffes, Kigali really likes Harrison and Harrison doesn’t want to leave Kigali because of this.

Pistachio is definitely an important character because he is the reason Antonia was almost kicked out of the zoo for bringing him, and again there is a chapter called “Pistachio.” 

In conclusion, I think that the main idea of this book is to never lie or there will be consequences. I think this because throughout the book Antonia keeps on lying and she also keeps getting into big trouble.

Learn storm

This year my class did something called Learn Storm, which teaches you about being mindful about yourself and others. Learn Storm also teaches you about fixed mindsets and how giving your fixed mindset a name can help you recognize your fixed mindset’s thoughts. My fixed mindset’s name is UGOGURL, as in You Go Girl but just as one word. Another thing that Learn Storm teaches you about is how frustration is a good thing because it helps to grow your brain and it helps to not be frustrated the next time someone or something does something to frustrate you. I think that Learn Storm is really important because it teaches you many different things about your brain like that there are over 100 billion neurons in your brain, that’s more than 13 times as many human beings on earth!

First time on Dragon Coaster

About three years ago was my first time going on the Dragon Coaster at Rye Play land. I had gone with my friends Gianna and Sofia from my swim team. Gianna is a year older than both me and Sofia and she had gone on the Dragon Coaster before and thought that it was really fun. Sofia and I really didn’t want to go on the ride but somehow 2 minutes later all 3 of us were standing in line to the Dragon Coaster.

“I told you guys that I am good at persuading people.” Gianna said.

“Yeah, you’re good,” Sofia and I said at the same time. After about 10 minutes of waiting in line under the scorching sun, it was time to get on the ride that once terrified Sofia and I. 

“Where do you guys want to sit?”Gianna asked us.

“In the middle.” we said together without a doubt. Since each section on the Dragon Coaster only hold 2 people, Sofia and I sat together and Gianna sat by herself in the seat behind us. When we got onto the Dragon Coaster, it was another minute or 2 until the ride actually started. On the first drop Sofia and I screamed,

“AHHHHHHHH!” because we didn’t know how big the drop was so we ended up screaming on the smallest drop. The next drop however was almost triple the size of the first one. This time everyone on the ride either screamed, 

“AHHHHHHHH!” or “WOOOOOOOO! HOOOOOOO!” Sofia and I obviously screamed,

“AHHHHHHHH!” but much louder and longer than the first drop. Gianna on the other hand was screaming,

“WOOOOOOO! HOOOOOOO!” “This is AWESOME!!!” “If you guys thought that was scary, then you are going to hate the next drop because it is even bigger!!!”

“WHAT?!” Sofia and I screamed. The thing that I really hated on the Dragon Coaster was that on every drop you feel like you are going to fly out of you seat because to latch that holds you in isn’t completely pushed against your lap and on the big drops you fly up and hit the latch. Another thing that I really hated was when we go into the dragon’s mouth. It doesn’t sound scary, but what you don’t know is that there was another drop inside the dragon’s mouth and you can’t even see how big the drop is because the inside of the dragon’s mouth is pitch black, so it seems like you just went bind some how. After the dragon’s mouth there was one more really big drop until the ride finally finished. 

“Yes, this ride is finally over.” I moaned.

“Yeah, I am never going on that ride ever again.” Sofia said. Two seconds after Sofia said this, Gianna screamed,

“Let’s go again!”

“NO!!!” Sofia and I shouted out. 

The Dragon Coaster was actually the first roller coaster that I have ever been on and it was a horrifying experience, but after I went on it that first time, I learned that roller coasters aren’t too scary after all and so I started going on more and more roller coasters at more and more amusement parks.


The day was Tuesday, I was sitting in the scorching sun, waiting to see if I made the finals. This summer I got to go to the beach for a really big meet for summer swimming called Conferences! If you make the top sixteen then you get to go to finals which for everybody was on Thursday. Lucky for me, I made top sixteen in all three of my events, I actually made the top three for every event so I had a really good chance of getting a trophy. The good thing was that I made the top three in everything during prelims and that was when I was wearing a slow swimsuit, and for finals I would be wearing a knee skin which is a really tight swimsuit that goes down to your knees and makes you swim faster because its material is so smooth water slides right off and leaves the suit completely dry. 


For people who don’t know what prelims is, it’s like the different parts of a meet, so that not everybody who is swimming at the meet is at the same place and at the same time because if it was like that the meet would take all day when each person only has three events to swim, plus two relays.


Before finals I felt really nervous, what if I don’t get a trophy? I thought, what if I get disqualified? what if I do the same thing I did in prelims for the 50 back today? Earlier that week, during the 50 back in prelims it was extremely windy so the flags were blowing in all different directions, so I ended up way too close to the wall and my flip turn was really slow because my feet got stuck at the wall.  


Before my first event, 50 free, I was quivering so much that it was as though there was an earthquake going on. I kept on adjusting my goggles, moving my cap, walking in circles, and jumping up and down before my race. 


“Good luck,” Claudia Rapisarda told me.


 “You too,” I said back nervously because I knew that Claudia was a freestyler and she would win the 50 free. 


Why am I so worried, I just need to calm down and swim my race, I told myself while carefully stepping onto the starting block. 


“Take your mark!” the official said through a microphone, BEEP! SPLASH! Seven other swimmers who were on the blocks and I dove into the water! 30 seconds passed, I had finished the 50 free in second place after Claudia! 


After I swam 50 free, 50 back, and 50 fly, I went to check the rankings for those three races. I got second in the 50 free, second in 50 fly, and first in 50 back!


For the rest of the day I just sat in my chair and waited to see if I got a trophy.


After an exhausting hour of sitting and doing absolutely nothing which felt like five hours, it was finally time for the trophies! 


“In third place,” the official said into a microphone, “actually we don’t have a third place, tied for second Claudia Rapisarda from Lake Isle and Lori Jiang from Scarsdale Town Pool!” I was so excited I thought I was going to faint! 


“Who is younger?” the official said, 


“I’m turning 11 in two months,” Claudia said.


“I turn 11 in April 2020,” I told them.


 “I’m sorry Claudia, but we are going to let Lori take this trophy and we will send another one to your house.”


 “OK, sure,” Claudia answered. 


“Thank you” Claudia and I thanked the official as we walked out. 


“No problem ladies,” the official said.


After that, I’m not really sure who got first because the taxi that was taking us home, was already at the beach and we didn’t want to make him wait. I was so happy that I got a trophy because if I didn’t get one then all of the waiting I did would have been for absolutely nothing. 

I got a trophy, I got a trophy, I got a trophy!! I thought in the taxi. Good thing Sunny isn’t here or else she would probably have gotten the trophy instead of me, Sunny is on my all year round swim team, Wolverines, and she is faster than me in the 50 back and 50 fly, so if Sunny did summer swimming that year than she probably would have got the trophy instead of me. Sunny didn’t do summer swimming that year because she only does it when she is at the top of her age group, so 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 17 because then there is a better chance of winning.

Student rights

I think student rights are really important because they prevent kids from doing anything dangerous or hurtful to themselves or others. Student rights are also important because without them how would we all be educated. Another reason why I think student rights are important is because maybe someone is keeping illegal items in there backpack or locker and the right for teachers to search through your things wasn’t a right, then that student would get away with having illegal items or a cheat-sheet with them and the teachers wouldn’t know for sure without checking the students things.

Private schools can set more restrictive rules than public schools because they aren’t funded or run by the state. In almost every state private school teachers can discipline students with corporal punishment or physical force while less than half the states allow this in public schools. Students and parents may disagree with the school policies, and can sue if they feel their rights have been violated.

Rarely, when the law isn’t settled or clear, the case will go way up to the Supreme Court. For example, in the 60’s, students from Iowa wore black armbands to protest the Vietnam War. Their school suspended them and their parents sued, so the case went to the Supreme court.

In a different case, the Court ruled that public schools can’t force you to say anything you don’t want to say like the Pledge of Allegiance, but the teachers can punish you for saying any inappropriate words at school.

Some of the rights are the same for both adults and children. For example, police anyone at anytime as long as they have a good reason to suspect that someone is breaking the law. It’s the same at school with children. The principal or the teachers can look through your locker or backpack if they think you’re keeping anything prohibited from school grounds, like a cheat-sheet, dangerous weapons, or drugs.


During the Summer I went to a Waterpark on a lake in Brownstone, Connecticut. It was a very long two hour drive but it was worth it. At the waterpark there were so many different activities like zip lines, Cliff Jump, Water obstacles, Rope Swing, and more! My favorite thing at the waterpark were the zip lines. There were so many different heights that the zip lines started at. The Cliff Jump is also really fun. It’s exactly what it sounds like, you jump off a cliff, but the good thing is that you have a life jacket on. There was also something called Fat Boys and you have to climb up a rock wall from inside the water and then you jump onto a black dot and launch the person that is sitting on the end of the giant bubble full of air up into the air then they crash into the water. When I jumped onto the bubble there was nobody on the end so nobody flew. When I got to the end of the bubble, my brother launched me and I landed on my right leg and then after that there was a HUGE bruise. When we finished at that place we went to play Tug of War. There is a long rope and two platforms about three meters away from each other. The teams were my sister and I against my brother. It might have seemed unfair to start with but my brother is stronger than both me and my sister. But luckily we beat him.



Dear Lori,

Hey, it’s me pencil you put me in the sharpener a million times a day!! And does your head get sharpened by a blade a million times a day!? I get shorter and shorter each day, why can’t  you just use another pencil besides me?

Your short friend,




We need to recycle because our world will just get more polluted and people must change! We need to use recycling bins because people made them for good causes so we need to use recycling bins for good causes.


If no one recycles then our planet will get more polluted and people and animals will die. I’ve seen people throw away glass, plastic, and tinfoil all In the trash instead of the recycling bin on purpose.

Recycling is really important because it can save the world and make it a better place.

Help recycle!!!!

School rules!!!!!!!

School rules!!!!


Do you follow school rules? Lots of people don’t and if you’re one of those people, you should stop. A lot of people get hurt from running in the halls and sliding down the railing. Some people got hurt so much they had to go to the doctor.

Reason #1


My first reason I think everyone should follow school rules is because some people got so hurt they had to go to the doctor from sliding down the railing or running through the hallway.

Reason #2

One day a second grader was speeding as fast as they could to their bus but they were running backwards  while saying goodbye to there friend and then they crashed into a teacher, “ walk so you don’t crash” said the teacher “ok” said the second grader.

You shouldn’t run to your bus or car because it is very dangerous especially when the car or bus is moving, or you might even get run over by that vehicle if the driver can’t see you or doesn’t have enough space to slow down into a stop.

Reason #3

My last reason you should follow school rules is so you don’t get in big trouble and have to go down to the principles office.