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I am reading a book called Don’t make me smile it is about a boy and his parents broke up and he is really upset he has been doing crazing thing and his parents have been giving him unhealthy meals he even left to live in a tree because he was so upset. I think he left because he was sick and tired of his mom giving him bad and unhealthy dinners but how will he live in the tree of the park he will be so cold.I am so shocked that his mom is doing this he must be really sad with his mom and dad gone and know one to talk to he must be really lonely. I also wonder what will his parents do with him he is so upset and mad he won’t even go to school I feel sorry for his parents and him having to deal with such a bad time if I was him I would be so upset having to run away from his family and live in a tree I also think his mom will find him in the tree and bring him back home to were he lives.



Welcome to 2016-2017

It’a a brand new school year I’m very happy to think about new things and learn more about fourth grade! so far I have learned many  cool things like writing about non-fiction  and even fiction, we also stared to do partner reading I have been having a blast doing writing and reading.

Some other things I am really pumped for is doing harder fractions and decimals last year I thought fractions were so much fun so I think this year is going to be super!!!