the future of zoos jot

I don’t think that zoos are helpful. One detail was when the text states “I guess I am worried” The last detail was also when then the text states “Zoos need to change if they are going to stay ” this shows that zoos are a problem.

Star girl

I feel like Hilairy cimbel is just worried that star girl is going to take over all of her fame I also think star girl is becoming popular and she is invading every thing and turning it more happy and more joyful and hilary cimble wants to be like star girl.

Harry Potter – Jot

I feel like harry is very upset and grumpy aver since Seumus was rude to him. I also think that professor Umbrige only joined Hogwarts so she can just keep  the Minstery updated about Dumbledore and harry. I also think Fuge is afraid of admitting Voldmorts back because he will have to go threw loads and loads of stress. so all and all there is alot of things going on in Hogwarts and the Minstrey.

Rules – jot

The reason why I think there is a big turning point is because, I feel like Catherine  is starting to be more understanding of David. Before she would go on and on about it now all she dose is write it in her book and she might tell David, so in a way she is kind of being kinder. One other reason why there is a turning point is that David is getting better at following Catherine. And I also cant belive Catherine had the guts to stand up and dance with Jason, it was a very good book.