leagues and teams in the world.

The English premier league the best in the world, 20 teams and one winner. I love the EPL I find it very entertaining to watch, my dream is to play on a team called Chelsea right know they are in the top of the table. In soccer there are also different leagues like the Spanish league German league and the Italian league. they are the top leagues in the world there is almost a league for every country. Now we are going to talk about the teams, well the best teams in the 4 leagues I said. So in the Italian league the best teams are Juventus, Roma, Napoli, Lazio, Now the best teams in the Spanish leagues are Real Madrid, Barcalona, Athletico Madrid, and slevia. And the best teams in the German league are Bayern Munich RB Libzig, TSg Hoffenham, and Borrussia Dortmand. And now for my favorite league and the best league The English premier league! and the teams are Chelsea, Tottenham Liverpool and Man City. That is it!!!!!

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