News report-booing mystery?!

Monday October the thirteenth was the day when booing started in 5th grade. It is when someone rings your doorbell and leaves candy at your doorstep then when you answer the door nobody is there. It has been the center of all conversations at the moment. What people are doing is waiting at a window to get booed then catching them red handed. We have heard the most about booing from the kids in 5-C here are some interviews about there say of booing.  “ I feel that it is a really fun thing to do as long as kids aren’t mean about it ” Lilly stated. “ I think that It is a very fun thing and it is fun to find out the mystery of who booed you ” Nate stated “ I feel like it is a really really fun thing to do and it fun to go booing and to get booed ” Josh stated. The day when most peole got booed for first time was saturday and ever since then it has kept coming.


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