Rube Goldberg #4


So far I am feeling pretty confodent about our rube goldberg we have just finished our rube goldberg. But it still hasnt worked yet, we have had 55 trys so far.

We have Not really followed our sketch beacuse we changed the whole ending. But we have had a lot of troble stacking our domonios and we have books which are very hard to stack.

This is an image of the beginning of our rube goldberg.

Nate and I have been studying many different videos one of my favorites is the video on the bottom of the screen. In addition we have learned to be very careful because we keep on nocking down the books and the dominos which is the worst to nock down because it takes ages too put them up again, and we have to put the dominos closer together because they keep on not hitting each other which can be a big pain, Another thing we learned is to film the actual rube goldberg because what keeps happing is we are filming but we are also watching what is happing so we end up filming the floor.

But all in all we are doing pretty good so far.





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