SpaceX launch

The Spacex launch in my opinion is so cool. It is the first rocket launched that was run by a company, NASA is run by the goverment. I think it is so histroic because one it is a used rocket. two there is so much more new technolagy.

My main reaction to this is, wow because it is a USED rocket and it all started with a  businessman who started able himself  and now 5 years later he is launching a rocket into the sky. My other reaction is that it is so crazy that they have done 17 of spaceX and it has not been around for that long unlike NASA.

I am still wondering so many things, like how long will they be in the sky for, also how long did it take to build a huge spaceship like this. I also am still wondering if Elon musk new when he was starting a company he would become famous and launch one of the most famous rockets in the world.


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