Social Issues

I think that there are many horrible social issues. But the social issues I really don’t like is is racism and bulling. I think racism is bad because I think that everyone should be treated the same and it is crazy that some people are rude and disrespectful just because of there skin color, I think in a away this kind of relates to bulling because bulling can be jugging people by there looks to. I think bulling is bad because most of the time people bully others because of something that has happened to them, and they just reflec that anger towords others. Also I think why bulling is so common is because it is so easy to gang up on others and join in, although with the person that is getting bullied it is much much harder to stand up to the bully and help the victem.

One thought on “Social Issues

  1. Leo, this is a huge problem around the world. I wish more people had the same mindset as you – no one should be judged based on the color of their skin. Thank you for sharing your opinion!

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