Capstone – Site visit

For my site visit I went to Prospect Park in Brooklyn it wasn’t the biggest zoo/ park but it had what I needed. At prospect Park they had two animals that were from Australia the Dingo, and the Emu which are some of the main Animals I was learning about. So just 2 animals might not seem like a lot but it was okay. So when I saw the Emu and when I saw the Dingo there was a couple of paragraphs on the animal. The paragraph on the dingo said “In Australia Dingos seem so Numerous that some people conceder them as pests, but pure dingos are actually scares.” Then next to that It said “Dingos are top predators in Australia, capable of living and hunting either alone or in packs they eat rabbits rodents birds, birds lizards, and even small Kangaroos.” “Then for The Emu it said Emus can run as fast as 30 miles an hour. A special set of transparent eyelids helps keep dust out of there eyes while they are running at high speeds.” They had other information on Australian animals and you could learn about either in my presentation or in my next blog post. The only thing I was kind of upset was the animals (dingo and emu) were hard too see because the dingo was in a bush and the emu was lying down so I could not see them in action. But other than that it was great!

The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe Essay


In the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, I am noticing is that Edmund is almost becoming the villain alongside the white witch. I have also learned that Edmund is really complex with his emotions because one second he is cheery and happy, then the next he is mad. I have also learned over the course of the story that Edmund is very self obsessed.

One example to show Edmund is self obsessed is when Edmund was eating all the Turkish delight and he was babbling on about all of his siblings to the White Witch, he talked about how Lucy had been in Narnia before and how she had met Mr Tummnus, then that led to Mr Tumnus potentially being killed by the White Witch all because of Edmund. Additionally one other to show this is he will give up his Siblings to the White Witch all because he wants more Turkish delight. Finally my last reason why I think Edmund is so self obsessed is when he was extremely mad at his siblings for not making himself the leader even thought Lucy had been in Narnia multiple times, and he started to grow hate.

One of the reasons why I think Edmund is really complex with his emotions is because before he got on the sled with the White Witch he was scared and almost unhappy that his sister was right, then when he got on the sled he started eating loads of Turkish delight and he was very very happy. He was talking to the White Witch. This just shows how quickly his feelings and emotions can change. Another detail is when Edmund entered Narnia he was happy and joyful to show his siblings Narnia but that all changed when he found out that all of his siblings were very mad at him so he became mad and very droopy then this got worse when his siblings voted Lucy the leader of the group, he was mad because she was the youngest and he had been in Narnia too so he thought what difference does it make. This shows that how complex Edmund really is.

In conclusion I hope that you enjoyed my “reader’s rsponse” and I proved to you that Edmund is very self obsessed and that his emotions are always changing.


Capstone – Choosing Sub questions and a main inqory question

So finally, I get to pick a question for capstone. You obviously read my other blog post “choosing a topic,” but if you didn’t I am doing my project on australian animals. So as I said before we finally get to pick a main inquiry question and trust me it is not as easy as it sounds. I was the last person to find a main inquiry question. I had to find a perfect question that would keep me interested for 7 weeks. Anyway my topic is not easy to find a perfect question and sub questions.We are supposed to find 5-6 questions, the way our teacher taught us the easiest way to find good questions was try to find level for questions. What this means is try to find a question that you cant just google, you have to do research and gather up all your research to see. The worst question is a level 1 question than level 2 than level 3 than finally level 4. As I said before I was the last one to find a main inquiry question and because of that it made super hard to find sub questions. But….. after a long time of hard work and dedication I finally got a question and a couple of sub questions! My question is How does Australia’s climate and geography contribute to the unique animals that are native to Australia? And my sub questions are What are the climates in Australia? What animals live in each area of Australia? What are the most unique animals in Australia, and what makes them unique? Anyway I hope you liked my blog post and all my questions.