Capstone – Site visit

For my site visit I went to Prospect Park in Brooklyn it wasn’t the biggest zoo/ park but it had what I needed. At prospect Park they had two animals that were from Australia the Dingo, and the Emu which are some of the main Animals I was learning about. So just 2 animals might not seem like a lot but it was okay. So when I saw the Emu and when I saw the Dingo there was a couple of¬†paragraphs on the animal. The¬†paragraph on the dingo said “In Australia Dingos seem so Numerous that some people conceder them as pests, but pure dingos are actually scares.” Then next to that It said “Dingos are top predators in Australia, capable of living and hunting either alone or in packs they eat rabbits rodents birds, birds lizards, and even small Kangaroos.” “Then for The Emu it said Emus can run as fast as 30 miles an hour. A special set of transparent eyelids helps keep dust out of there eyes while they are running at high speeds.” They had other information on Australian animals and you could learn about either in my presentation or in my next blog post. The only thing I was kind of upset was the animals (dingo and emu) were hard too see because the dingo was in a bush and the emu was lying down so I could not see them in action. But other than that it was great!

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