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For Capstone in order to finish our research we needed to of completed two of the following, we needed to have done a interview a site visit three websites and a database but that dose not really mater any way. I have finished all of that except for a interview blog post. So for my interview I interviewed a lady called Jude Morris she works for an Australian nature reserve. Anyway so what I did was I made 10 questions  and my mom Emailed them to her and she replied so these are the questions and here are her answers.

In your experience what are the most unique animals in Australia.

“that is a bit hard, there is a few I think monotremes are. I would have to say echidnas.”

What are some attributes that make them unique? (how they look, how they protect themselves, how they survive, etc.)

“Echidnas lay eggs, which they incubate in their pouch for 10 days then it hatches and stays in her pouch for about another 6-8 weeks. Then they get too spiky so they have to stay in a burrow until they can go out side to learn to  forage. They can live in all habitats in Australia from alpine areas to the desert. To survive in such diverse environments, they have adaptations such as fur, size, they can be nocturnal or diurnal. They have very sharp quills to protect them from predators.”

What animals do you think are considered “native” to Australia?

“We have quite a few. For example, we have over 80 species of bats that only occur in Australia. We have many native bees that have specific native plants that they pollenate. The newest native (which is controversial) would be the Dingo which apparently arrived 3500-4000 year

How do the unique animals survive (in Australia) in the different climates and geographical areas in Australia?

  •     ” Being nocturnal or diurnal.



  •     Ability to store fat mainly in tails (Dunnarts
    and Lizards is common)



  •     Living underground



  •     Going into hibernation or torpor



  •     Ability to cool themselves eg, Kangaroos lick”
    their forearms

How do you think the various climates in Australia contribute to the unique animals that live there?

  •      “A lot of Australian mammals have the ability to
    pause pregnancy depending on the temperature and rainfall such as kangaroos and microbats bats.



  •     Having young in a pouch means they can move long
    distances with immature young to find water and food.



  •      “A lot of Australian mammals have evolved to eat
    the harsh native plants such Koalas eating eucalypt leaves. They also utilize any water they ingest from food and produce very dry poo.


How do you think the geography of Australia contributes to the unique animals that live there?


“They have evolved to adapt to the extreme conditions which has resulted in physical traits such as hopping on 2 legs, digestive tracks adapted to dry and potentially toxic food, being nocturnal reduces to need for water, body
mass changed depending on the climatic conditions.”

#7 Do you think some of the animals you mentioned could survive in other parts of the world? Why or why not?

“Yes if there is suitable food. Possums have become a feral animal in New Zealand”

#8 your opinion, what do you think are some of the “weirdest” australian animals?


“Marsupial Mole, Notoryctes Typhlops”

#9 your experience, what are the most popular animals in Australia?

“I think some of the birds are the most popular animals such as Magpies and lorikeets”




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