Cars that control them selfs?

I’n class the other day we learned about somthing pretty cool. It was an. About how google have just finished making the car that controls it self. It Is was cooler than it sounds there is a camera inside the screen that if there is a stop sighn or a traffic light the car can detect it with a special device google made. Mr Calvert our really nice tecnology teacher told that google is saying the google car or drivel’s Car will be out by 2025 so by the time I will be able to drive. Unlike some cars that only have selfless parking, all the driver will have to do is put were they are going into the navigation and press a button and they will be off. All in all I think this car is AWESOME and I cant wait till its on roads.

So many questions?

For the past 2 days we have been learning about the periodic table. I mean I don’t no too much about it yet but all I know is I have so many questions. What dose something in the periodic table look like is it a bunch of gass or is it something that we cant see, Mr Calvert said to us there is something in the periodic table that scientist only saw it for 90 mila seconds. Also how do scientists decide that the certain thing is going into the perdotic table like do they ask the government or do they just say “this is going in”. But so far it is very cool.

Atoms?Rare earth magnets?


Lately in class we’ve been learning about some pretty crazy things. First we learned about rare earth magnets, and they are way way way cooler than you would guess we got they are shaped like a hole pizza and there are five of them stuck together. He told us to take them apart, we couldn’t do it we felt like taking Thor’s hammer out of the ground! After many fails mr Calvert told us to just twist them apart and they slipped off just like that. Then we tested them out for a while and they were so powerful. Next we have have atoms and before I had started tech I was quite clueless about them. We are still learning about them so I don’t have to much info yet but, when we walked in to class we went on his slideshow and he told us to draw an atom. He told us there is no right or wrong answer. So I gave it my best shot and  mine looked like a bunch of scribbles, but everyone’s was different. There was this one girl in my class and she wrote an arrow saying do you see it and it was facing a white screen and Mr Calvert had said that she was write because atoms are so small you can only see them under a microscope.

Starting Tech!?

On the first day of school we got our schedule, and more importantly we got our quarterly. Which I had no real expectations for so I looked at my schedule and saw I had Tech as my quarterly. As I said before I had no real expectation, the only thing I was really thinking about was trying to find the way there because I was told it is really far away. So at period 6 I walked to tech with a friend and… we got so lost we thought that we would be the last ones, well we were, anyway after trying to find our way to tech for about 10 minuets we eventually found it! I met the awesome tech teacher Mr Calvert he was so nice. He talked to us about what to expect about 6th grade tech and what we will be doing. I found out tech had so much more to it than just computers, we would making this and learning about technology its self. I thought we would be typing on our Crome books things the whole time. Then the next day Mr Calvert went over all of the safety about technology and how to properly use the materials I found out that there can be some really dangerous materials. Then we had today were Mr Calvert set us up on our old or new blogs. I was really happy about this because I love working on our school blogs, anyway he told us we need to do 10 blog posts this year after he told us that he said we would kind of have homework. The homework was to write a quick blog post on tech so far. He said we can finish our blog posts here or at your house. I decided to finish mine at home.