Wait whaaaattttt?

A few days ago in tech with Mr Calvert we leanrned all about the tragedy of the soccer team in thiland and he told us we need to make flashlights and we have to draw its out and every thing more info on that in another blogpost, anyway I finned all of the molding par at the it came to making the switch. He taught us about how to set up the switch and I am really mad at myself because I dint really pay attention. But little did I know that, that lesson was very important, so when I got to my circuit I saw REALLY confused. I came to a conclusion that I had to come off clean and tell Mr Calvert I didn’t pay attention and I need help, and he was chill about it! So he taught me all the steps and he told me what to do and if it wasn’t for that I would be in a bad situation.

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