Finnaly the day has come I finished my flashlight in tech (with Mr Calvert.) It has taken me a long time but I finished I really like the look of it. If you had told me yesterday that I had finished my flashlight I would have not believed you, but today was so important I salterd and I decorated in one day, which is a lot of work for me. After that I had Mr Calvert take a picture of my diagram and my flashlight. After he had done that I realized that it had taken me too quickly and it didn’t seem right so I looked inside of my flasshlight and I realized that I had messed up the slturing so I had to re sulter which took awhile but it was finally complete I was very proud of my self and I was happy to have such a nice teacher. All in all I thought making the flashlight was really fun and exiting and I cant wait till we start our next unit!

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