This is going to be a very rushed blog post but I will try by best. So in tech with Mr Calvert, we are working on boxes and I am really behind. It all started when, I first made my box and it was really good (well that’s what I thought) anyway so I was about to start my design and I had lost my box, I was kinda mad but there was no point of being mad so I made another box and as soon as I had started my box again I lost it. At this piont I was very mad at myself for being so forgetful. Don’t forget that most people are almost done with there box, and we only had three more days left of the quarter. I was stressed, so I told Mr Calvert and he made another one I was super happy so I finished my box and I put it in my drawer, and next class it was gone! I was really fuming, and I had one class to finished I finished at the last minute!

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