The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe Essay


In the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, I am noticing is that Edmund is almost becoming the villain alongside the white witch. I have also learned that Edmund is really complex with his emotions because one second he is cheery and happy, then the next he is mad. I have also learned over the course of the story that Edmund is very self obsessed.

One example to show Edmund is self obsessed is when Edmund was eating all the Turkish delight and he was babbling on about all of his siblings to the White Witch, he talked about how Lucy had been in Narnia before and how she had met Mr Tummnus, then that led to Mr Tumnus potentially being killed by the White Witch all because of Edmund. Additionally one other to show this is he will give up his Siblings to the White Witch all because he wants more Turkish delight. Finally my last reason why I think Edmund is so self obsessed is when he was extremely mad at his siblings for not making himself the leader even thought Lucy had been in Narnia multiple times, and he started to grow hate.

One of the reasons why I think Edmund is really complex with his emotions is because before he got on the sled with the White Witch he was scared and almost unhappy that his sister was right, then when he got on the sled he started eating loads of Turkish delight and he was very very happy. He was talking to the White Witch. This just shows how quickly his feelings and emotions can change. Another detail is when Edmund entered Narnia he was happy and joyful to show his siblings Narnia but that all changed when he found out that all of his siblings were very mad at him so he became mad and very droopy then this got worse when his siblings voted Lucy the leader of the group, he was mad because she was the youngest and he had been in Narnia too so he thought what difference does it make. This shows that how complex Edmund really is.

In conclusion I hope that you enjoyed my “reader’s rsponse” and I proved to you that Edmund is very self obsessed and that his emotions are always changing.


Capstone – Choosing Sub questions and a main inqory question

So finally, I get to pick a question for capstone. You obviously read my other blog post “choosing a topic,” but if you didn’t I am doing my project on australian animals. So as I said before we finally get to pick a main inquiry question and trust me it is not as easy as it sounds. I was the last person to find a main inquiry question. I had to find a perfect question that would keep me interested for 7 weeks. Anyway my topic is not easy to find a perfect question and sub questions.We are supposed to find 5-6 questions, the way our teacher taught us the easiest way to find good questions was try to find level for questions. What this means is try to find a question that you cant just google, you have to do research and gather up all your research to see. The worst question is a level 1 question than level 2 than level 3 than finally level 4. As I said before I was the last one to find a main inquiry question and because of that it made super hard to find sub questions. But….. after a long time of hard work and dedication I finally got a question and a couple of sub questions! My question is How does Australia’s climate and geography contribute to the unique animals that are native to Australia? And my sub questions are What are the climates in Australia? What animals live in each area of Australia? What are the most unique animals in Australia, and what makes them unique? Anyway I hope you liked my blog post and all my questions.

Capstone – Choosing a Topic

It took me a very long time figure out what I want yo do for capstone. I was thinking what I wanted to do 24/7 I thought while I ate when I went to bed when I woke up, then when I was watching a video of animals in Australia and how they are very dangerous and then I realized I should do that and my inquiry question could be are Australian animals as dangerous as people say. Then for that day on I thought of loads of ideas like music in 1018 and I also thought about how computers work and a lot more!  now I am super exited for capstone and I have been thinking about how I want to present my project and who I could interview and where would my site visit be. I  am super exited to start!

Social Issues

I think that there are many horrible social issues. But the social issues I really don’t like is is racism and bulling. I think racism is bad because I think that everyone should be treated the same and it is crazy that some people are rude and disrespectful just because of there skin color, I think in a away this kind of relates to bulling because bulling can be jugging people by there looks to. I think bulling is bad because most of the time people bully others because of something that has happened to them, and they just reflec that anger towords others. Also I think why bulling is so common is because it is so easy to gang up on others and join in, although with the person that is getting bullied it is much much harder to stand up to the bully and help the victem.

SpaceX launch

The Spacex launch in my opinion is so cool. It is the first rocket launched that was run by a company, NASA is run by the goverment. I think it is so histroic because one it is a used rocket. two there is so much more new technolagy.

My main reaction to this is, wow because it is a USED rocket and it all started with a  businessman who started able himself  and now 5 years later he is launching a rocket into the sky. My other reaction is that it is so crazy that they have done 17 of spaceX and it has not been around for that long unlike NASA.

I am still wondering so many things, like how long will they be in the sky for, also how long did it take to build a huge spaceship like this. I also am still wondering if Elon musk new when he was starting a company he would become famous and launch one of the most famous rockets in the world.


Rube goldberg #6

finally we finished!!!! Me and Nate have worked so hard on Rube Goldberg. It took us 132 attempts! We just showed our Rube Goldberg to the class, I thought it was really good. Something I thought was very funny was a lot of people had like 10 to 15 attempts and we had 132.


This is the link to our amazing video.

I have learned so much from this project. I have learned not only how to build a rube Goldberg but it was a great way to learn how to work with others. I also learned how teamwork can help so much because in the beginning while I was waiting Nate to come to my house and I tried to set up the dominos by myself but I kept failing but with Nate we made no mistakes.

But all in all I had SO much fun !!!!!!!


Rube goldberg post #5

So far me and Nate are so very close to finishing we are currently on try 91 so I think we will get it soon. We are thinking of changing the dominos because they don’t seem to be falling down very well. We have also been having so much fun so far!

this and the dominos have been the hardest

The reason why the dominos and the tube and the train tracks and making the ball go into the net the hardest because what keeps on happening with the dominos is since I don’t have many of them they are very far apart which means that they might not hit every single time. That is one of the reasons why we have had so many try’s. Now the tube is hard because we have to tape it to a ramp but it keeps falling down because it is so steep, it is also hard because it is quiet difficult to get the marble threw the tube. now the train tracks are hard because since the marble is falling with so much force when it hits the train it goes very fast. That leads to the train falling of the track. Finally it is hard to put the ball in the net because we have to balance it on the track which is very hard to do and it is difficult to get the train to hit the ball directly in the middle.

Rube Goldberg #4


So far I am feeling pretty confodent about our rube goldberg we have just finished our rube goldberg. But it still hasnt worked yet, we have had 55 trys so far.

We have Not really followed our sketch beacuse we changed the whole ending. But we have had a lot of troble stacking our domonios and we have books which are very hard to stack.

This is an image of the beginning of our rube goldberg.

Nate and I have been studying many different videos one of my favorites is the video on the bottom of the screen. In addition we have learned to be very careful because we keep on nocking down the books and the dominos which is the worst to nock down because it takes ages too put them up again, and we have to put the dominos closer together because they keep on not hitting each other which can be a big pain, Another thing we learned is to film the actual rube goldberg because what keeps happing is we are filming but we are also watching what is happing so we end up filming the floor.

But all in all we are doing pretty good so far.





Rube goldberg #3

Nate and I have just about got halfway threw our rube golberg. We are planning of making a wevideo of all of our fails and the video of our sucsses. We have been taking pictures and videos of our rube goldberg for our wevideo. Nate and I have handed in our scetch and we think we will follow our scetch We have done 3 steps so far out of nine, so we are getting there. This is our scetch.



Rube goldberg #2

So far Nate and I have just started our rubeg oldberg. We think it is pretty good so far. It starts with nate shooting a gun, then that will hit a book then hopefully it will hit a soccer ball then that will hit domionos. This video gave me some ideas like the ball going into the cup then that made the cup to fall down. But to be honest I did not think it would be so hard to build the rube goldberg