Rube goldberg post #5

So far me and Nate are so very close to finishing we are currently on try 91 so I think we will get it soon. We are thinking of changing the dominos because they don’t seem to be falling down very well. We have also been having so much fun so far!

this and the dominos have been the hardest

The reason why the dominos and the tube and the train tracks and making the ball go into the net the hardest because what keeps on happening with the dominos is since I don’t have many of them they are very far apart which means that they might not hit every single time. That is one of the reasons why we have had so many try’s. Now the tube is hard because we have to tape it to a ramp but it keeps falling down because it is so steep, it is also hard because it is quiet difficult to get the marble threw the tube. now the train tracks are hard because since the marble is falling with so much force when it hits the train it goes very fast. That leads to the train falling of the track. Finally it is hard to put the ball in the net because we have to balance it on the track which is very hard to do and it is difficult to get the train to hit the ball directly in the middle.

Rube Goldberg #4


So far I am feeling pretty confodent about our rube goldberg we have just finished our rube goldberg. But it still hasnt worked yet, we have had 55 trys so far.

We have Not really followed our sketch beacuse we changed the whole ending. But we have had a lot of troble stacking our domonios and we have books which are very hard to stack.

This is an image of the beginning of our rube goldberg.

Nate and I have been studying many different videos one of my favorites is the video on the bottom of the screen. In addition we have learned to be very careful because we keep on nocking down the books and the dominos which is the worst to nock down because it takes ages too put them up again, and we have to put the dominos closer together because they keep on not hitting each other which can be a big pain, Another thing we learned is to film the actual rube goldberg because what keeps happing is we are filming but we are also watching what is happing so we end up filming the floor.

But all in all we are doing pretty good so far.





Rube goldberg #3

Nate and I have just about got halfway threw our rube golberg. We are planning of making a wevideo of all of our fails and the video of our sucsses. We have been taking pictures and videos of our rube goldberg for our wevideo. Nate and I have handed in our scetch and we think we will follow our scetch We have done 3 steps so far out of nine, so we are getting there. This is our scetch.



Rube goldberg #2

So far Nate and I have just started our rubeg oldberg. We think it is pretty good so far. It starts with nate shooting a gun, then that will hit a book then hopefully it will hit a soccer ball then that will hit domionos. This video gave me some ideas like the ball going into the cup then that made the cup to fall down. But to be honest I did not think it would be so hard to build the rube goldberg


Rube goldberg #1

so far I have had so much fun doing rube goldberg, even though it has only been a week. Nate and I  are almost done with our script. We plan to do around twelve steps if it goes to plan. It will start in my attic down to the second floor then to the first floor. It sounds like a lot but its not as much as it sounds Then fanily Down to the basement. We plan to use ramps pipes dominos and much more. It sounds like a lot but its not as much as it sounds. We are soooo exsited to start!

News report-Soccer mayhem!?

Yesterday was a very windy day at Heathcote elementary school especially for the kids in 5th grade playing soccer. And that caused one bad thing the soccer goal. The problem was that it fell over due to the wind and it almost hit lilly Tesler a girl in 5-C, this is what she said. “I didn’t see it coming then when I saw it was on top of me I started to panic but when I realized it was fine I just started laughing.” The solution for all of this mayhem was putting sand bags on the goal so it wouldn’t fall but some kids even sat on it!

News report-booing mystery?!

Monday October the thirteenth was the day when booing started in 5th grade. It is when someone rings your doorbell and leaves candy at your doorstep then when you answer the door nobody is there. It has been the center of all conversations at the moment. What people are doing is waiting at a window to get booed then catching them red handed. We have heard the most about booing from the kids in 5-C here are some interviews about there say of booing.  “ I feel that it is a really fun thing to do as long as kids aren’t mean about it ” Lilly stated. “ I think that It is a very fun thing and it is fun to find out the mystery of who booed you ” Nate stated “ I feel like it is a really really fun thing to do and it fun to go booing and to get booed ” Josh stated. The day when most peole got booed for first time was saturday and ever since then it has kept coming.


hazard vs coutino

hey guys so today I was thinking of conpering two good players and the tow players I am doing is hazard vs coutino they are both really good and they play the same position enjoy

soccer videos

hey guys this are really good videos from this season premeier leauge and since it is the end of the season I did alot of videos enjoy