My passion project has been good so far I feel like I know alot about super cars it hasn’t been has hard as I thought and I thought it would be boring and it is actually really really fun I know about the new supercars old super cars and all the brands and I did’t know that there were so many cars and types of modles and how some supercars are as fast as a jet taking off. so all in all it has been great!

best songs

hey guys so today I am going to be doing my opinion of the best songs from 2016-2017 and the reason why I did this was because there are so many good songs that I would think are really good so here is a list from worst best to the best.

  1. thunder struck
  2. adventue of a life time
  3.  lose yourself
  4. back in black
  5. cant stop the feeling

so those are all my favorite songs and you should listen to them if you would like so yeah thanks for reading

How to do a perfect penalty (in soccer)

Hey guys do any of you play soccer well if so do you ever take a penalty and it goes way over or it  goes to the side well today I will show you how to get the perfect shot so the goalie has no chance of even getting a finger tip enjoy!

  1.  take 5 steps away from the ball
  2. relax and think were you will shoot
  3.  and put your standing foot a inch away from the ball
  4. don’t hit it to hard
  5. place it were you want to shoot

So now the ball should’t go way over or to the side and trust me it is a very good way to shoot I have been using those steps for ages and it has never let me down!

this is a short on penaltys


Hey guys so as you have probley noticed is that I like top ten soccer stuff so I will post two soccer videos and if you like them I will write just like what I did with dude perfect. ENJOY!


dude perfect story

hey guys so every one loved my post about dude perfect so a I will tell you about them

so dude perfect have five members they all met in collage and they were all upsest with sports so they uploaded a video on a new website called you tube and they did some crazy trickshots and they got one million veiws so they deiced they would make a little group which they called them selfs dude perfect so the years went by of them making very sucselful trick shots until they made a battle which got 3 million veiws which gave them enough money to get a little house to make videos in and then at this point they were flying making loads of money

blowing Up jot

I think that it is really turning into a mystery – jot


The reason why I think that 3 times lukey is turning into a mystrey because they have got more strong on the murder and they are starting to invole the police and suspects the victims and I even feel like mo is a detective and dale is a suspect.


Best goals in soccer.

Hey guys today I will be telling and showing you some of the best goals scored in the last 2 months. The first goal is a goal is a goal by a french player olivier giroud called it went like this, so he was running into the box when bam! he turned his body around and did a crazy scoripan kick it was crazy. The second goal is a goal scored by Eden Hazard it was a very good goal when he had the ball and he fake shot from outside of the box and shot into the low corner no chance for the goal keeper.

Image result for olivier giroud goal

Baseball – how to hit perfectly

Hi guys today I will be teaching you how to hit well in baseball, so what you want to do when you play baseball is keep an eye on the ball and don’t look away for even a second.The next step is your stance your stance is the key to getting a good hit, so what I do as much as I can is put my elbow back so you get a bigger swing, and you also need to make sure that you step into your swing. Now the next step is getting contact with the ball. So when are in your stance and the ball is coming towards you MAKE sure that the ball is in the strike zone if it is not and you miss your hit you get a strike, and if it is a good throw take a step in and follow threw. Then you have done it you hit the ball wooo.