Immigration Interview Blog Post #2

After that we were starting our interview. Since I chose to interview my mom, she was chosen for a couple of reasons, she spoke fluent English and and also understood it. But anyways the interview went successfully pleasant. I got to learn a lot about my mom including true moments and memories.

When I asked her about why she chose to move to America. Fortunately I got the exact right answer wanted. She told me she wanted to seek a better life despite the good things back there but the government there was trash. The ‘president’ now was a dictator who wanted to rule as long as he lived. Something else was because the schools were strict on rules and descriptlines and the U.S had way more pressure. Everything she said was exactly what I wanted so everything is good on that.

After a long 12 minutes our interview finally ended positively. Somethings I could have did better is trying to make my mom answer short and terse answers since it took 12 minutes and I’m sure that’s not what a typical interview length would be. Anyways I like the eloquent language y mom has used.

So far our interview project has been going greeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.




Immigration Interview Blog Post #1

Immigration Interview Blog Post #1

During the first process of our project, we were asked to interview an adult’s experience when he or she came to America. At first I had the slightest idea how I was supposed to find that person, but then I thought about interviewing my dad.

Even though my father immigrated modernly I presumed that we had to interview who traveled on sea, but I asked Mrs.Cooper and she said that it was fine. Coming up with questions were kind of easy because you just have to come up with something relevant, so that made it easy for it to construct the questions. Most of the questions I planned to ask him were not about how the trip itself because he traveled on a plane and it wasn’t really that vigorous to sit on a plane and do nothing, compared to sitting on a cramped ship where food was even a struggle and water was even a difficulty. You would sit on the boat for an estimate of 1 to 2 weeks compared to flying for about 1 day. Anyways, the general types of questions I asked him were open-ended such as what were your feelings when you came here and what was your intention coming here ……… 

Next I knew I needed to ask insightful and meticulous questions. Not just a Yes or a No question. For instance questions like: Why did you decide to go to America? and why? or What did you feel nostalgic for when you arrived in America? Questions like this makes you have to answer something more insightful than a Yes or a No. Also, it also has a follow-up question that makes the patient explain more deeply.

But even so I think that the process so far is going great and I am eager to go onto the next part of this project. 

Thanks for reading! Add a comment!!!!PLZ!!!!!!

Rube Goldberg – #6

This is the day after our last Rube Goldberg meeting and I am feeling very nostalgic for this unit passing, we had a massive amount of good memories throughout the unit, even though this unit ended I am still feeling nostalgic. I personally think that me Graham and Drew has been working very well together. Since this is the final day before we are presenting our videos we looked at other peoples machines videos. Some were amazing and all cool and stuff. Most of the video had steps that were monotonous.

Some easy parts we’ve been through was figuring out the overall structure we negotiated very well on that one. But some overall hard parts we’ve experienced is building the machine. The tricky part of building the machine is the setting up part our hands have perspiration on them so we are clumsy. Overall I think our group did great. on this amazing project

Rube Goldberg – #5

Me, Graham and Drew have been working furiously toward the goal of our Rube Goldberg. 23 fails to 1 success. 23 FAILS TO 1 SUCCESS. I presume the main reason it took us so long is probably because it was so difficult to set up! But otherwise, our road to triumph was going successfully so far, since we got our success taped we were really relieved that we didn’t have to worry that much about it since we’ve completed about 2/3 of the quest given.

I  think our group cooperated Ok. The only reason I thought we worked OK was because we usually accused other people of messing things up. But that also had a limit and we didn’t go too far. Before our final success, we recorded about all 23 times and they were all stopped on our third step so we figured out what was wrong. The car going up the ramp didn’t give enough force to the popsicle sticks

Rube Goldberg – #4

The day I’m publishing this is the day we had our first success on our machine. During the meeting, we were all too impulsive at the beginning. In the end, we calmed ourselves down and constructed the machine again. Overall, I personally think that we worked efficiently and impulsively at times. For example, someone ‘accidentally’ didn’t click the ‘record’ button and the time where we almost succeeded. Even though we met occasionally we still put in a lot of our effort into this project so far. Troubles that we came across is setting up our entire machine. The problem was, sometimes our hands were unmanageable so we had to set the thing up before recording it like, 3 or 4 times. But when we got our success we were absolutely thrilled. Overall, it has been a pleasure to work with my group and I hope they do too.

Rube Goldberg Machine – #3


During the designing process of our Rube Goldberg machine we had little difficulties. Our last step was the most geometric we transfered the force of three dominoes onto a small one domino. that domino hits a small plastic volleyball that rolls down a swirly ramp and going into a small knee-hockey goal. Overall, we had a very fascinating time together.

Reflecting on our team collaboration I personally think that we worked very well together as a group. Even though we occationally met we still got a lot done. We built a small sample on a poll table so it’s officially and apparently called “Pools closed.”

I think that we had a fantastic time together. When we finished our small sample we knew where we were headed and followed our goals our Rube Goldberg project is Great!




Rube Goldberg Machine – #2

Me, Graham and Drew had a very pleasant time together during this short period of time together. During our total 3 times of meeting together we got a lot done. We have our sketch down and a tiny experiment of our Rube Goldberg machine. Our procedure of making our experiment was easy. We started by pushing a small car down a steep swirly ramp that hit a car almost about to go on an escalator. Then the force of the car will transfer the force onto another car which proceeded on to the escalator. Then after it reached the summit of  the escalator the car falls on to a array of dominoes. The last domino has a string attached to it and that string is also attached to a huge popsicle stick.

Then, simultaneously the domino will drag down a row of popsicles causing a chain reaction. Then on the last popsicle stick we put one domino on it and right after the last popsicle stick is dragged down that domino goes along with it causing it to hit another row of dominoes. To access this short video please go to Graham’s blog post #1. Working on our sketch was easy because we had a lot of fresh ideas popping in our minds. In our sketch we included a short explanation of everything.

Our end goal is to make a small metal ball go down a maze which then it ends up in a small red box. (The toy is called Gravity Maze). I personally think that working in a group is better than working alone because you can have ideas here and there. Working alone sure you can be more efficient in time but your ideas may be boring. Thank you for reading my Post.


Rube Goldberg Machine – #1

We had our fist success on our machine on Monday afternoon. We were already frustrated by the fact that we’ve tried almost 15 times and recorded 2 fails in total but we eventually got 1 success. We had our sketch out but unfortunately we completely abandoned it and we wanted to test it from scratch. Our original idea was a total of 10 steps but as soon as we received the materials we knew we had a lack of them. During our fist day we completely fooled around and got nothing done. But fortunately we gathered all the materials we needed. Some difficult decisions we made were to find our 8 steps we had to create. Some more decisions we had to make was to where we were going to meet and schedule the time we meet.

I think the most important part of this project was the teamwork. It took a lot of innovation which is only helpful for the minds of future engineers.  This project helped all of us take our theoretical knowledge to the practical world. In multiple parts  Overall it was a great experience for our team for now.

Rocketry Reflection

This rocketry experience was delightful and entrancing, we obtained resourceful knowledge that would help us later on in our life. During the experience we worked cooperative mostly throughout the unit, but also had some tempestuous times during this experience.

Our first rocket was depressing, our rocket went the lowest out of all 5 rocket. We contemplated a long time to find what was wrong and it helped us along the way during the process planning of our second rocket. Despite that, we were still satisfied that our rocket launched off of the launcher. We used a ton of duck tape so that the rocket wouldn’t have any spaces that air could find it’s way out which we thought was the difficulty. The average height of our rocket was 71 feet and 21.5 meters high.

The second one accelerated way faster off of the launcher and we thought that made our rocket go to it’s summit. We had less arguments because it was our second rocket and had more information. We thought of another  the precipitate of our 1st rocket not going high: too much duck tape. We fixed all of our mistakes carefully. Our second rocket went 126 feet and 38.5 meters high. We placed 2nd out of all 5 rockets.

Thankfully we got a change to design a third rocket which practically resembles our rocket 2. That means it’s basically the same and there were near no changes. We kept nearly everything the same because we thought it consists a perfect amount of drag and thrust.

Overall this rocketry experience was pleasurable, exhilarating and absorbing. It has been a pleasure to work with my teammates throughout the unit.

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