As we talked about today, we will be starting a new reading unit on Mysteries.

Learn some more about the genre in this short video.

Today on this blog please comment by telling me about a great Mystery book you have read. Or maybe a favorite movie you have seen that was a mystery.

Make sure to comment on:

  1. Who was the main detective(s)?
  2. What was the crime/mystery?
  3. Who were the suspects?
  4. Do you remember any clues?
  5. How did the mystery end or get solved?

3M Digital Information Books

The third graders created Information Books as a part of our non-fiction reading and writing units. They started with an “expert” topic, one they already knew a lot about. This topic required little to no research, simply background knowledge. After the students chose a topic they began developing chapter ideas, elaborating on those ideas and accompanying them with non-fiction text features. The kids worked on several drafts making edits and revisions. Each chapter was placed in a logical order, for some students paragraphs were developed and for all students the writing was organized with topic sentences and supporting details.

Next came the publishing portion of the project. With support from Mr. Casal, the students used Google Presentation to create slides to display their information. This was a wonderful learning experience. Everything from typing text to inserting photographs to creating transitions was taught and then put to practice. In the end the third graders created a comprehensive non-fiction information book that can be enjoyed for years to come and across the globe because of its final form, Google Presentation.

Check them out on the HeathcoteTech blog: 3M Information Books


Welcome to the 3 Mangan class blog! This will be a place for students to share their thoughts, connect with each other, ask questions and show new learning.

Examples of ways we can connect here:

  • Response to reading
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