Mini Mystery Book Clubs

Hi 3M Sleuths!

Today you were given your mini-mystery book as well as your partners/groups. In class and tonight for homework record your jots and open-ended questions to your group on the Padlet for your book. Remember, a pladlet is just like a post-it, but one that your whole group can see!

Remember a jot can be:

  • A clue
  • A new suspect
  • Another noticing
  • A prediction
  • A wondering

*use text evidence

Remember open-ended questions invite conversation and need more than a one word answer.


  • Why do you think _______ would do that?
  • Have you ever felt that way before?
  • What was your favorite part of the story you read tonight
  • Did you expect that ending? Why or why not?

Ghostly Mystery

Dinosaur Bones

Corn Popper

Haunted House

Zoo Crew

Class Clown

Golden Key

Class Read-Aloud: Absent Author


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