Mystery Summaries

Tonight please continue to read your either your new mystery book or your one from last night. Remember to complete the map from last night.

On YOUR OWN BLOG today  please post an “Almost Summary” of one of the mystery books you have read this week. When I say an “almost summary,” I mean that you should tell the story without giving away the ending. You can choose to write it directly into YOUR OWN BLOG, or copy it from a Google Doc.

Please include the detectives, the mystery or crime, the suspects, and any clues you found along the way. 


Example “Almost Summary”:

In the A to Z Mystery, The Absent Author, Dink and his friends are excited about the arrival of a famous children’s book author, Wallis Wallace.  When they arrive at the book store for the book signing, Wallis Wallace is not there. They find a letter that was sent to Dink by the author and it says, “short of being kidnapped, nothing will stop me from coming!” Dink and his friends then meet up with Mavis, another fan of Wallis Wallace and go on a search for the absent author. The first suspect is Mr. Pasky, the book store owner, as he is appearing very nervous at the signing. 

They find his itinerary and begin to go along the trail to retrace Wallis Wallace’s steps, including the airport, taxi stand, and hotel. The taxi driver becomes a suspect when they check in with her, wondering if she ever brought him from the airport in the first place. When they search the hotel register, they find out that two hotel rooms have been reserved right next to each other, and after talking to a hotel maid, the room that has been signed out in Wallis Wallace’s name has not been used. 

2 thoughts on “Mystery Summaries

  1. astrovink25 May 5, 2016 / 5:36 pm

    Encyclopedia Brown is sitting at his table at dinner and he is talking about diamonds with his dad witch is a police officer. Chief brown is worried about other police judges coming to Iddavile and he thinks that he will have nothing to entertain them when they are there. So the Browns came up with a lie to entertain the chief police officers that are coming. Chief brown talked to Mr. Van Swiggit and Mr. Van Swiggit work at the diamond factory and he helped chief brown with their plan witch was for Mr Van swiggit to lie about that a diamond necklace was glass and it was stolen by two masked men that had guns so that is why he was forced to open his save for the two masked men that stole the diamond necklace From Mr. Van Swiggit. And than he said that his floor was stone and that one of the two Masked men threw the diamond necklace on the floor and it did not break and chief brown made it possible for the police judges to find out that it was a lie.

    • lmangan May 5, 2016 / 6:19 pm

      Aidan-This is a great summary! However did it give away the ending? Also, re read the directions of the blog post- if you can please post this on your own blog.

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