Cultural Universals Project

For the last week of full days the third graders will complete a project for homework for language arts, to create a Google Slide. The Google Slide will be presenting the information the students learned about their chosen country, with a focus on the cultural universals. Students should use their notes from their packet to help with the slideshow. If you need to research any additional information, the library databases are a great place to look.

Example of Slideshow

Your slideshow should include:

  • A basic facts page
    • Capital
    • Continent
    • Population
    • Flag
    • Languages
    • Any other basic information you would like to include
  • At least one page for each of the cultural universals
    • Beliefs
    • Economics
    • Politics
    • Social Aspects
    • Cultural Arts
  • Pictures, photographs, maps, etc.
  • Bullet notes or paragraphs to display the information

Please save the slideshow in the Social Studies Folder, which will automatically share with me.

Due Friday, June 17th



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