Third Plants Blog Post

For your third blog post please tell me about the progress of your plant(s). Please answer in three paragraphs. (No need to go day by day. Just what changed since the last blog post.)

FYI- The photos were taken on Tuesday, May 30th.

  • Pollination: What did we do? What was the change in your plant after being pollinated?


  • General observations: Describe your plants now. Control and manipulated.
    • Height
    • Color
    • Stem
    • Leaves
    • Buds
    • Flowers
    • Pods


  • What do you think will happen next? Predictions for your plants. What will this week look like for your plants?


  • Include the pictures of your plant(s) in the “Blog #3”  Folder found in your shared with me section of Google Drive.


Photosynthesis Video

Watch the photosynthesis video to learn more about the way plants make their own food. Then comment on the big ideas on the Padlet link below.

The big ideas are the major points of the process of photosynthesis:

  • What is photosynthesis?
  • What does a plant need to make food?
  • What is the food they make and what do they give off that animals need?
  • Any new/fun information you learned?

Photosynthesis Padlet

Second Plant Post

This week for homework you must create a second blog post that showcases the changes of the plant over the past two weeks.

Create in a Google Doc first!

Must Include:

    • An update after the past 2 weeks
      • Measurements
      • Descriptions: color, amount, size, direction
      • Reflections: rate of growth, change since start
    • An update after the past 2 weeks
      • Measurements
      • Descriptions: color, amount, size, direction
      • Reflections: rate of growth, change since start
  • Conclusions
    • Why did these things happen? Why do you think the outcome is the way it is?
  • 2 Pictures: Controlled and Manipulated with captions


Plant Observations #1

My class has been learning about plants. For this project we had to come up with a question we were wondering. I wanted to know, what would happen to a plant if I put it in the closet, instead of under the light. My hypothesis was that if I put a plant in the closet, then the plant would not grow as tall because plants need sunlight to grow.  For this experiment I had two plants, one was a control, with all the variables to grow a perfect plant.  For the control plant I used seeds, soil, fertilizer, water and light. The other was a manipulated plant, that is the one that I am putting in the closet. For my manipulated plant I changed the light. I am looking to see if the amount of light will change the height of the plant.


After the first week I am noticing several things. First, my control plant is growing! It has 4 separate plants, each with 3 leaves. They are green and are about 2 cm tall already! The soil is light brown and moist from my watering it daily. Every day the plant grows about a half a cm. I wonder what will happen next! My manipulated plant is also growing, just differently. The plant is tall, but light green and not as many leaves. The soil is the same color as the control but the stem is thinner and less green. I wonder why?

This is my controlled experiment. This picture was taken on Monday, May 8th. It has been growing for about two weeks.

This is my manipulated. The sugar water is keeping the plant from growing.