Mysteries: Like or Dislike?

We have kicked off our reading unit on Mysteries. It is a special type of fiction, where the writer includes clues, suspects, crime solvers and a really big mystery that the reader needs to try to solve before the crime solver does.

Please respond to the following question:

Do you like reading mysteries? Why or why not?

Please type this in a Google Doc in your READING folder. Title it “Mysteries

This should be at least a paragraph, with a topic sentence (“I like reading mysteries.”)

And several supporting sentences to support your opinion. (“I like mysteries because…”)

Please check your work and make sure your Google Doc is just the way you want it before we post it to our blogs later today.


Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

We have been having a great time these past few days talking about forces. Gravity, pushes, pulls, electromagnets, and friction. Today while I am out complete the following activities.

  1. “Watch the video¬†Balanced and Unbalanced Forces
  2. With a partner, read the packet called, “Read About Forces.”
  3. Complete the “Genius Challenge”. These are the questions on the back of your reading packet.
  4. Done with it all? Check out these additional websites and videos about force!
    1. True Flix- Friction
    2. DK Find Out! Forces and Motion