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Welcome back, 3M! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Check out what we have in store for today. I look forward to answering any questions about today’s activities and talking to you about Cultural Universals at 10:00 this morning. Check your S.S. folder for the Zoom link.

Questions that can’t wait? E-Learning Questions Padlet. 

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Words their way

Log in to Pearson Realize

Username is your full google address. Ex.

Password is your first initial, last initial and 6 digit number. Ex.  lm123456

This week’s words have been assigned to you. The assignment you want to choose is the one that is due 3/27. Complete all of the activities and turn in by Friday.

ELa- Reading

Please complete 30 minutes of independent reading. With a book in your hand, or digitally, make sure you keep up your reading time. Epic, Storyworks, Scholastic, or many of the databases on the library website are great for finding new texts.

Math- area and perimeter: Mrs. DeGrazia

Workbook Page 178
DMC #3

social studies- Cultural Universals of Scarsdale (Class Zoom Lesson @ 10:00)

Our next social studies unit will be about the Cultural Universals. What that means is that all cultures, within a country and around the world, share certain ideas and ways of life. We may all have different types of dance, but we all dance. We may all have different ways of dressing, but we all wear clothes!

The third grade team invites you think about your life in Scarsdale. What is the culture of Scarsdale? What are the ways you get from place to place, what does your family value, do you celebrate any specific holidays? Some answers you will be able to find on your own, others you will need to ask your family and some you may need to use the internet to research. Good luck!

The Google Slides called, Cultural Universals Project, has been placed in your Social Studies folder for you already. Feel free to fill it out directly on the slides or print it out to hand write the information.

 Politics Section due Wednesday 

Specials activities

Ms. Cameron’s Page

Ms. Bescherer’s Music Page

Mr. Borgia’s Page

Sr. Johnson’s Page – Make sure you log in

Strings – Dr. Schultz

Band – Mr. Weber

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