Friday, March 27th E-Learning


You did it! You made it to Friday! You guys continue to amaze me with the way that you are handling this change. I am so impressed with the way that you are tackling the math, stretching yourself with technology, thinking deeply about your own culture, and making inferences about your books. Have a great weekend!

Questions? E-Learning Questions Padlet


Log in to Pearson Realize. Please “Turn In All” if you haven’t already.

ELA: Interactive Read Aloud: MRS. O’Donnell

Start your day with a read-aloud by Michelle O’Donnell, our ELA helper at Scarsdale. Make sure you have a pencil and paper with you as you listen. Hopefully you aren’t having a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

Read Aloud Link: Read Aloud By Mrs. O’Donnell

12:00 wonder Reading

  R.J. Palacio’s Twitter Page

MAth- Catch up day!
Field Trip

Let’s take a trip to an amazing place, The San Diego Zoo!

Before you get lost looking at the alligators, bears, and cheetahs, take a look at the Virtual Field Trip Bingo Board I made for you.  Here is the link: Virtual Field Trip San Diego Zoo Bingo

In Bingo, players complete three in a row. But you of course, can complete any of the ones that you think might be interesting to complete. Just try to complete more than 1. Make them on paper, or make it in your E-Learning Slideshow, it’s up to you!


Make sure you are answering these in full sentences. Ex. On the weekend I like to…  I celebrate my birthday by…. **Social Aspects due by the end of the day**


Ms. Cameron’s Page

Join Ms. Cameron’s Google Classroom- Code: i2gktah

Ms. Bescherer’s Music Page

Mr. Borgia’s Page

Sr. Johnson’s Page – Make sure you log in

Strings – Dr. Schultz

Band – Mr. Weber




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