Monday, March 30th E-Learning

Welcome back, 3M! Today we will have a Zoom meeting at 10:00 to talk about technology with Mr. Casal, poetry and our next photograph analysis. This one will be a little longer as we have a lot to discuss. Can’t wait to meet together again!

Questions? E-Learning Questions Padlet


Please complete 30 minutes of independent reading.

Ela- poetry: Awakening the heart

You are going to create heart maps today! The best poems are ones that come from our heart. Today I want you to think about what is in your heart, and fill in the Heart Map Template. This will be a place for us to pull ideas from when we need a little inspiration for our poems. Print out your heart map, draw and write your important items and then snap a picture and explain your map on Seesaw. Try to put your map and explanation up on Seesaw by Wednesday.

Heart Map Template–TO PRINT

Check out the video below of the third grade teachers and their heart maps!

Poetry Websites:

math-what’s the deal with all these squared measurements?

Today we will review and summarize AREA concepts that we have completed over the past two weeks.  Please watch the Math Antics video below to capture the big ideas. Afterwards, please watch the video made by Mrs. DeGrazia to help visualize the different measurements of square units. It is important to remember to label the correct square units when using area. 

Complete 3 math word problems (Please copy and paste ALL in E-Learning Slideshow under math, date and label.)

DMC #7

SOCIAL STUDIES- Photograph Analysis

In this video, there is an example of analyzing a photograph/illustration using the See, Think, Wonder template that we have utilized in our science units of study. You will learn how to analyze a photograph/illustration by making observations about the people, objects and activities. You will then learn how to look at the “main idea” of the photograph by thinking about what activities you observed happening in the picture. Then some example wonderings are shared with you based on the illustration. Watch this video. Click on the Google slideshow showing the next photograph/illustration you will be analyzing using the See, Think, Wonder template. Copy and paste the slides into your own E-Learning Slideshow or print them out and upload them later. Due Tomorrow.

Google Slideshow: Photo Analysis

See Think Wonder Template


Ms. Cameron’s Page or her Google Classroom Code: i2gktah

Ms. Bescherer’s Music Page

Mr. Borgia’s Page

Sr. Johnson’s Page – Make sure you log in

Strings – Dr. Schultz -Exciting new assignment posted today!

Band – Mr. Weber


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