Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

We have been having a great time these past few days talking about forces. Gravity, pushes, pulls, electromagnets, and friction. Today while I am out complete the following activities.

  1. “Watch the video Balanced and Unbalanced Forces
  2. With a partner, read the packet called, “Read About Forces.”
  3. Complete the “Genius Challenge”. These are the questions on the back of your reading packet.
  4. Done with it all? Check out these additional websites and videos about force!
    1. True Flix- Friction
    2. DK Find Out! Forces and Motion


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Final Plants Blog Post

Congratulations! We have seen our plants go through the entire life cycle. Our plant started as a seed, and now it is producing little seeds inside those green pods.

For your final blog post please include:

  • Your observations of your plant(s). (As of 6/9 before we picked the pods off.)
    • What does it look like?
      • Leaves
      • Pods
      • Stem
      • Soil
    • How has it changed since the last blog post?


  • Predictions
    • How many seeds do you think will be in your pods?
    • What will they look like? Why do you think this?


  • What have you learned, or what are some important big ideas about plants from doing this experiment? (This should be several paragraphs.)
    • Ideas:
      • Photosynthesis
      • Pollination
      • Controlled and manipulated variables
      • Plant part jobs
      • Anything else you think is important to know about plants and their life cycle or survival

2nd Plants Blog Post

This week for homework you must create a second blog post that showcases the changes of the plant over the past two weeks.

Create in a Google Doc first!

Must Include:

    • An update after the past 2 weeks
      • Measurements
      • Descriptions: color, amount, size, direction
      • Reflections: rate of growth, change since start
    • An update after the past 2 weeks
      • Measurements
      • Descriptions: color, amount, size, direction
      • Reflections: rate of growth, change since start
  • Conclusions
    • Why did these things happen? Why do you think the outcome is the way it is?
  • Include a picture



Watch the photosynthesis video to learn more about the way plants make their own food. Then comment on the big ideas on the Padlet link below.

The big ideas are the major points of the process of photosynthesis:

  • What is photosynthesis?
  • What does a plant need to make food?
  • What is the food they make and what do they give off that animals need?
  • Any new/fun information you learned?


Photosynthesis Padlet