Thursday, March 19th E-Learning


I have been so impressed with the time you have put in and the dedication you are showing to this E-Learning. I know it is a big change, but you are rising to the challenge! Today we are going to get a little more creative.

Any questions? Write them here: E-Learning Questions

Spanish Google Classroom Link: 3Mangan

Special Area Class E- Learning Link: Specials Activities

ELA- Character traits

Character Traits Project

This project may take several days, especially if you are hand-making your character.


Math- Perimeter Practice

Complete the workbook page to practice perimeter with unknown sides. Workbook Pg. 174

I’m going to put in a daily math challenge (DMC). Try these two puzzles if you’re feeling up to it!  DMC #1

It might be easiest to print the pages out. If you want to put them on your slideshow it is easiest to take a picture, then download it to your drive or desktop and import it from there. Or you can write the answers in the math section of your E-Learning Slideshow with the title, Workbook B Page 174 and today’s date. Of course, use any scrap paper you might need to do the work.

Learning to look- “Field trip”

Feeling stuck inside your house? Want to “see” the world?  Check out some of these museums that you can virtually visit.

J. Paul Getty Museum, L.A.

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam  (Scroll down to “Museum View” for 4 different floor views)

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul

BONUS: When you’re done, try recreating something you saw at the museums digitally with Google Drawing or make a piece of art with any materials you have at home. Share your creation in your E-Learning Slideshow.