Mysteries: Like or Dislike?

We have kicked off our reading unit on Mysteries. It is a special type of fiction, where the writer includes clues, suspects, crime solvers and a really big mystery that the reader needs to try to solve before the crime solver does.

Please respond to the following question:

Do you like reading mysteries? Why or why not?

Please type this in a Google Doc in your READING folder. Title it “Mysteries

This should be at least a paragraph, with a topic sentence (“I like reading mysteries.”)

And several supporting sentences to support your opinion. (“I like mysteries because…”)

Please check your work and make sure your Google Doc is just the way you want it before we post it to our blogs later today.


Ruby the Copy Cat Thesis Ideas

After listening to the book, try to think of all the different theses you could use for your literary essays. Think about:

  • Character’s feelings
  • Character traits
  • The relationships between the characters
  • Changes in characters
  • What motivated a character
  • The lessons a character learns

Part 1:

Use this Padlet to record your responses. Use full sentences, correct capitalization and punctuation to write your ideas.

Part 2:

Use this Evidence Padlet to record the text evidence that will support your claims.

Mystery Read-Alouds

We are coming to the end of our mystery unit. You’ve done a great job listening, thinking and jotting about the:

  • crime solvers
  • suspects
  • clues
  • red herrings
  • favorite/surprising parts

I am wondering, which read aloud did you like better? Absent Author or The Diamond Mystery. Why? Make sure you write details to explain your answer.

Genre Reflection

In 3M we read many different types of books. However, we have concentrated this fall on two specific genres.


Thinking about the two different genres, Mystery (fiction) and Non-Fiction, I want you to write a paragraph answering the following:

  • Which genre do you enjoy reading more? 
  • Why? Include examples from your experiences.

Write your answer in complete sentences.

Grace Lin

Wasn’t Grace Lin fantastic today? She was so inspiring and enthusiastic about what she does. I hope you all find a career one day that brings you that much happiness.

Tonight I want you to respond to the paragraphs below on THIS BLOG. Perhaps type your response up in a Google Doc and then paste it in the comments of this post.

Grace Lin is inspired by personal experiences. You can see how her family’s history comes through in her writing and illustrations. She also incorporates a lot of Chinese cultural history in her work. There seems to be a reason behind all of her choices in her books! 

Please explain at least 2 SPECIFIC times when she has brought her own experiences and Chinese culture into her writing or illustrations.