Friday, April 3rd E-Learning

See you today at 10:00 for an extra special Zoom session for 3M. It is SPIRIT DAY, so wear your best Heathcote colors and apparel. We will also be checking out the birthday bags of Rupert, Sophie and Jake.

All special’s pages can be found here: Heathcote Gateway E-Learning Plans

Check out Coach Synowiez’s Twitter Page for the Wellness Challenges.

Questions? E-Learning Questions Padlet


Please complete 30 minutes of independent reading. Don’t forget about Storyworks, Scholastic News, Epic and True Flix on the library databases.

ELA- poetic tool: repetition

Make sure you record your poem in a journal/paper and then snap a picture of it and read it aloud on Seesaw. Looking forward to seeing your poems filled with repetition!

math- composite figures

Composite Figures Practice

SOCIAL STUDIES- Document analysis

Document Analysis Slides


** Your Cultural Universals Project should be complete by the end of today.**

wellness: Coloring (optional)

Take a little time to unwind. Maybe in between activities or to start your day. Put on some music and pretend we are in class together working on our mandalas/coloring to refocus. Feel free to take a picture of any of your finished pieces and put them on your E-Learning Slideshow.

Don’t Stress Coloring

Wednesday, April 1st E-Learning

Questions? E-Learning Questions Padlet

See you today at 10:00 to meet Ms. Stile for the Book of the Month, review our work for today and check out what Coach Synowiez has in store for you for P.E.

Cursive: t & F

Cursive Practice Worksheets


Please complete 30 minutes of independent reading. Don’t forget about Storyworks, Scholastic News, Epic and True Flix on the library databases.

Ela- poetic device: white space

Watch the video below to hear about using white space in a poem to create a shape. Then try to find some poems that use this technique, and try writing a shape poem of your own! Take a picture of it and record yourself reading it on Seesaw. Can’t wait to see your shape poems!

Poetry Websites:

Math-area and perimeter word problems

These slides focus on word problems that start with two examples. Please read the examples carefully. Complete the first two pages of Level 1. Problems #1- 6. Correction!! For # 5 the shading did not show up on the scanned version. Skip #5!

Copy and paste the two pages into your own slideshow to answer. Or print and add to slides later.

Area and Perimeter Word Problems

DMC #9

Science- intro to weather

A little preview of our upcoming unit on Weather. Remember the Scholastic password is Mangan3

Scholastic: Mapping the Weather

Scholastic: What’s the Temperature?


Make sure you are answering these in full sentences. Ex. A tradition of my family is to … **Beliefs, Economics and Cultural Arts Due Friday**

Your colonial kitchen See Think Wonder needs to be in your E-Learning Slideshow so that I can review it. Please make sure that you have this in by today.


*Ms. Bescherer emailed your families and she will  Zoom on Thursday, April 2 from 9:30- 9:45am.

*Ms. Sorenson emailed your families and she will  Zoom on Thursday, April 2nd at 10:45. 

*Sr. Johnson emailed your families to  Zoom on Thursday, April 2nd at 2:00. 


Specials Pages:

Ms. Cameron’s Page

Join Ms. Cameron’s Google Classroom- Code: i2gktah

Ms. Bescherer’s Music Page 

Mr. Borgia’s Page

Sr. Johnson’s Page

Strings – Dr. Schultz

Band – Mr. Weber

Wednesday, March 18th E-Learning

Check out my introduction video to the activities today! It is my first one, I will get better! 🙂

I have some new activities you might want to try today. As always, you can continue to work on Reflex Math, Typing Club, Tynker, any of the math or ELA games from my blog, and Scholastic News. Keep reading the books you have at home, or use Epic to keep up your reading stamina and volume.

Any questions? Write them here: E-Learning Questions

Spanish Google Classroom Link: 3Mangan

Special Area Class E- Learning Link: Specials Activities

Ela- Storyworks

Today you will read the story “Enemy Pie” that is located in the Storyworks, Jr. magazine. The link to that is here: StoryWorks, Jr. Reminder: you need to hit “Log In” at the top right hand side, select “I am a student” and our class code is: mangan3.

Once there, you will need to access the March/April edition and read the story “Enemy Pie”. There is an option to have the story read to you if you would like.

Throughout the story you will see “Pause and Think” questions.  Copy and paste those questions on a new slide behind the ELA section of your “E-Learning Slideshow” and answer the questions. I will check in on your slides to offer any help and give feedback. Happy reading 🙂

math- Intro to perimeter

Now that you have worked a lot with area, there is another way in geometry that we think about the space of a shape. That is the perimeter. The perimeter is the distance around the outside of a shape. Learn about and practice perimeter with our favorite, Khan Academy.  If you’re interested, complete all the videos and practice listed on the left hand side, just like we do in class.

Khan Academy-Perimeter Introduction

Workbook B Pages 172 & 173 Click here

Print workbook pages out, write answers in slides or use a notebook to record.

Social Studies- how do we learn about history?

In the upcoming weeks we will be learning all about history and culture. Today I want to see your thoughts about the subject. In the E-Learning Slideshow, add a few pages in the Social Studies section to write your answers. The title can be, History. Put the date on the slide(s) as well. 

  1. How would you define history? What does that mean if something is history?
  2. Brainstorm how we learn about history. (Don’t forget about places you can go!) Make a list. 
    • Books, internet, etc…
  3. Write WHY we learn about history. Why is history important for us to learn about?
  4. BONUS: Create additional slides with any places you have been that have helped you learn about history. Feel free to include pictures from the internet or from your actual experience and writing telling us how that resource helped you learn about history. 


cursive- Upper and lowercase practice

Click here to print out some additional cursive practice.

Tuesday, March 17th E-Learning

Welcome back, 3M! If you didn’t get a chance to complete the work from yesterday you can absolutely do it today. I will keep adding activities daily for those of you who are excited and willing!

Remember to either print out the activities or add your work to the E-Learning Slideshow in your Google Drive Social Studies folder. If you choose to print the activities, you can always take a picture of your work and add it to the slideshow afterwards. I have enjoyed checking your work and leaving you comments.

If you have any questions continue to contact me through this Padlet: E-Learning Questions

The special area teachers have posted their E-Learning plans. Click here to find out what they have in store for you.

Sr. Johnson’s Google Classroom Link: 3Mangan 

happy saint patrick’s Day!

Start out with a little bit of fun! Check out these articles from National Geographic Kids.

ELA: Reading & Poetry – “The Wind”

Continue reading your independent reading books or discovering new texts with Epic.

Reading poetry can be different than reading prose, or the typical way text is written in books or articles. It is organized into lines and groups of lines that are called stanzas. (Stanzas are the paragraphs of poetry.)

Read the poem, “The Wind”.  I made a Google Slides to view the poem and the questions. Print your answers or write them in the E-Learning Slideshow. You can put your answers in the ELA section with the heading “The Wind” and today’s date.

The Wind Poem and Questions

Math: Area Review

When we last saw each other we began exploring area and yesterday you had additional practice through BrainPopJr. Pay attention to some new vocabulary such as composite figures as you participate in this interactive video. (You will need a computer and run Flash to play this video.)

PBS Learning- Area of Squares and Rectangles

Science: Intro to weather

In our next science unit we will be investigating climate and patterns of weather. Watch the Mystery Science Slideshow (there is no audio) and, if you would like, use the See-Think-Wonder chart to record your observations and inferences.

Mystery Science Slideshow

See Think Wonder

STEM- Build a paper Airplane

Test out your skills building some paper airplanes. (If it is ok with your parents!)  Which type went the furthest? How far did it go? Take some pictures and add them to your slideshow.

Fold ‘N Fly



Hello Third Graders!

I hope you are all doing well. I am excited to share with you some activities you can do while we are out of school. I will begin posting activities on Monday, March 16th. 

For all of the activities you can record your work in a Google Slideshow that was shared with you and placed in your Social Studies folder on Google Drive. This slideshow is called, E-Learning Slideshow.

In that slideshow you will see that it is separated by subject area. As you complete an activity, record your thinking in that area. Add new slides when you need to.

If access to a computer is challenging, or you would prefer to hand write your work, feel free to print out the activities and keep your work in a folder. 

If logging into any websites gives you trouble, remember to go through the Heathcote Gateway. Mr. Casal has given you directions and links to many resources that can be helpful during this time outside of the classroom.

If you have any questions about the activities over the next few days please use Padlet to get in touch with me. Here is the Padlet link to ask your question. I will get back to you as soon as possible.                           

     E-Learning Questions


Adaptations and the Environment

Today we will watch a Generation Genius video about adaptations and the environment!

  1. “Watch the video, Adaptations and the Environment
  2. With a partner, read the packet called, “Read About Adaptations and the Environment.”
  3. Complete the “Genius Challenge”. These are the questions on the back of your reading packet.
  4. Watch the additional videos/Check out these websites
    1. Scholastic Adaptations
    2. Britannica Kids Article
    3. Cat Super Senses

Magnets and Static Electricity

Did you know that magnets have a force of their own? Much like the pushing and pulling we have been talking about, magnets make things move. Watch the Generation Genius Video to start thinking about magnetism as a force.

  1. “Watch the video, Magnets & Static Electricity
  2. With a partner, read the packet called, “Read About Magnets & Static Electricity.”
  3. Complete the “Genius Challenge”. These are the questions on the back of your reading packet.
  4. Done with it all? Check out these additional websites and videos about force!
    1. DK Find Out Magnets
    2. Electromagnetism
    3. TrueFlix Magnets