The Great Kindness Challenge

This week 3M and all of Heathcote participated in The Great Kindness Challenge. We spent our time both in school and out performing acts of kindness. Individuals tracked their acts on a checklist, as well as contributed to a whole class checklist. I am so proud of our class for all of the wonderful good deeds they did.

As a class, we watched several videos to enjoy and discuss. Want to see them again and share them with friends and family? Check them out below!

Cultural Universals Project

For the last week of full days the third graders will complete a project for homework for language arts, to create a Google Slide. The Google Slide will be presenting the information the students learned about their chosen country, with a focus on the cultural universals. Students should use their notes from their packet to help with the slideshow. If you need to research any additional information, the library databases are a great place to look.

Example of Slideshow
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