Thursday, April 2nd E-Learning

Good morning! Today is the day of the Zoom! Don’t forget the special’s Zoom sessions that are posted to the Zoom Sessions for 3Mangan document in your S.S. folder of the drive, or that were emailed to your parents earlier in the week.

  • 9:30- Music
  • 10:45-Library
  • 2:00- Spanish

All other special’s pages can be found here: Heathcote Gateway E-Learning Plans

Check out Coach Synowiez’s Twitter Page for the Wellness Challenges he spoke about yesterday.

Questions? E-Learning Questions Padlet


Please complete 30 minutes of independent reading. Don’t forget about Storyworks, Scholastic News, Epic and True Flix on the library databases.

ELA- Font and & punctuation changes how you read poems aloud

Write your poems that show bold words, exclamation points, ALL CAPITAL LETTERS , question marks and more on Seesaw and read them aloud. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Poetry Websites:

math- Area and Perimeter Practice

You tried the first two pages yesterday. Make sure you see my comments to help with any corrections. Complete the next two pages.  Problems #7-8 and then Level 2 #1-3. Copy and paste the two pages into your own slideshow to answer under math. Or print and add to slides later.

*NOTE: Please label correctly for perimeter and area

Area and Perimeter Word Problems


Make sure you are answering these in full sentences. Ex. A tradition of my family is to … **Beliefs, Economics and Cultural Arts Due tomorrow**


Friday, March 27th E-Learning


You did it! You made it to Friday! You guys continue to amaze me with the way that you are handling this change. I am so impressed with the way that you are tackling the math, stretching yourself with technology, thinking deeply about your own culture, and making inferences about your books. Have a great weekend!

Questions? E-Learning Questions Padlet


Log in to Pearson Realize. Please “Turn In All” if you haven’t already.

ELA: Interactive Read Aloud: MRS. O’Donnell

Start your day with a read-aloud by Michelle O’Donnell, our ELA helper at Scarsdale. Make sure you have a pencil and paper with you as you listen. Hopefully you aren’t having a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

Read Aloud Link: Read Aloud By Mrs. O’Donnell

12:00 wonder Reading

  R.J. Palacio’s Twitter Page

MAth- Catch up day!
Field Trip

Let’s take a trip to an amazing place, The San Diego Zoo!

Before you get lost looking at the alligators, bears, and cheetahs, take a look at the Virtual Field Trip Bingo Board I made for you.  Here is the link: Virtual Field Trip San Diego Zoo Bingo

In Bingo, players complete three in a row. But you of course, can complete any of the ones that you think might be interesting to complete. Just try to complete more than 1. Make them on paper, or make it in your E-Learning Slideshow, it’s up to you!


Make sure you are answering these in full sentences. Ex. On the weekend I like to…  I celebrate my birthday by…. **Social Aspects due by the end of the day**


Ms. Cameron’s Page

Join Ms. Cameron’s Google Classroom- Code: i2gktah

Ms. Bescherer’s Music Page

Mr. Borgia’s Page

Sr. Johnson’s Page – Make sure you log in

Strings – Dr. Schultz

Band – Mr. Weber




Monday, March 23rd E-Learning


Welcome back, 3M! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Check out what we have in store for today. I look forward to answering any questions about today’s activities and talking to you about Cultural Universals at 10:00 this morning. Check your S.S. folder for the Zoom link.

Questions that can’t wait? E-Learning Questions Padlet. 

Make sure you refresh the Padlet page to see new questions and answers.

Words their way

Log in to Pearson Realize

Username is your full google address. Ex.

Password is your first initial, last initial and 6 digit number. Ex.  lm123456

This week’s words have been assigned to you. The assignment you want to choose is the one that is due 3/27. Complete all of the activities and turn in by Friday.

ELa- Reading

Please complete 30 minutes of independent reading. With a book in your hand, or digitally, make sure you keep up your reading time. Epic, Storyworks, Scholastic, or many of the databases on the library website are great for finding new texts.

Math- area and perimeter: Mrs. DeGrazia

Workbook Page 178
DMC #3

social studies- Cultural Universals of Scarsdale (Class Zoom Lesson @ 10:00)

Our next social studies unit will be about the Cultural Universals. What that means is that all cultures, within a country and around the world, share certain ideas and ways of life. We may all have different types of dance, but we all dance. We may all have different ways of dressing, but we all wear clothes!

The third grade team invites you think about your life in Scarsdale. What is the culture of Scarsdale? What are the ways you get from place to place, what does your family value, do you celebrate any specific holidays? Some answers you will be able to find on your own, others you will need to ask your family and some you may need to use the internet to research. Good luck!

The Google Slides called, Cultural Universals Project, has been placed in your Social Studies folder for you already. Feel free to fill it out directly on the slides or print it out to hand write the information.

 Politics Section due Wednesday 

Specials activities

Ms. Cameron’s Page

Ms. Bescherer’s Music Page

Mr. Borgia’s Page

Sr. Johnson’s Page – Make sure you log in

Strings – Dr. Schultz

Band – Mr. Weber

Thursday, March 19th E-Learning


I have been so impressed with the time you have put in and the dedication you are showing to this E-Learning. I know it is a big change, but you are rising to the challenge! Today we are going to get a little more creative.

Any questions? Write them here: E-Learning Questions

Spanish Google Classroom Link: 3Mangan

Special Area Class E- Learning Link: Specials Activities

ELA- Character traits

Character Traits Project

This project may take several days, especially if you are hand-making your character.


Math- Perimeter Practice

Complete the workbook page to practice perimeter with unknown sides. Workbook Pg. 174

I’m going to put in a daily math challenge (DMC). Try these two puzzles if you’re feeling up to it!  DMC #1

It might be easiest to print the pages out. If you want to put them on your slideshow it is easiest to take a picture, then download it to your drive or desktop and import it from there. Or you can write the answers in the math section of your E-Learning Slideshow with the title, Workbook B Page 174 and today’s date. Of course, use any scrap paper you might need to do the work.

Learning to look- “Field trip”

Feeling stuck inside your house? Want to “see” the world?  Check out some of these museums that you can virtually visit.

J. Paul Getty Museum, L.A.

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam  (Scroll down to “Museum View” for 4 different floor views)

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul

BONUS: When you’re done, try recreating something you saw at the museums digitally with Google Drawing or make a piece of art with any materials you have at home. Share your creation in your E-Learning Slideshow.

Wednesday, March 18th E-Learning

Check out my introduction video to the activities today! It is my first one, I will get better! 🙂

I have some new activities you might want to try today. As always, you can continue to work on Reflex Math, Typing Club, Tynker, any of the math or ELA games from my blog, and Scholastic News. Keep reading the books you have at home, or use Epic to keep up your reading stamina and volume.

Any questions? Write them here: E-Learning Questions

Spanish Google Classroom Link: 3Mangan

Special Area Class E- Learning Link: Specials Activities

Ela- Storyworks

Today you will read the story “Enemy Pie” that is located in the Storyworks, Jr. magazine. The link to that is here: StoryWorks, Jr. Reminder: you need to hit “Log In” at the top right hand side, select “I am a student” and our class code is: mangan3.

Once there, you will need to access the March/April edition and read the story “Enemy Pie”. There is an option to have the story read to you if you would like.

Throughout the story you will see “Pause and Think” questions.  Copy and paste those questions on a new slide behind the ELA section of your “E-Learning Slideshow” and answer the questions. I will check in on your slides to offer any help and give feedback. Happy reading 🙂

math- Intro to perimeter

Now that you have worked a lot with area, there is another way in geometry that we think about the space of a shape. That is the perimeter. The perimeter is the distance around the outside of a shape. Learn about and practice perimeter with our favorite, Khan Academy.  If you’re interested, complete all the videos and practice listed on the left hand side, just like we do in class.

Khan Academy-Perimeter Introduction

Workbook B Pages 172 & 173 Click here

Print workbook pages out, write answers in slides or use a notebook to record.

Social Studies- how do we learn about history?

In the upcoming weeks we will be learning all about history and culture. Today I want to see your thoughts about the subject. In the E-Learning Slideshow, add a few pages in the Social Studies section to write your answers. The title can be, History. Put the date on the slide(s) as well. 

  1. How would you define history? What does that mean if something is history?
  2. Brainstorm how we learn about history. (Don’t forget about places you can go!) Make a list. 
    • Books, internet, etc…
  3. Write WHY we learn about history. Why is history important for us to learn about?
  4. BONUS: Create additional slides with any places you have been that have helped you learn about history. Feel free to include pictures from the internet or from your actual experience and writing telling us how that resource helped you learn about history. 


cursive- Upper and lowercase practice

Click here to print out some additional cursive practice.