Thursday, March 26th E-Learning

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Continue to work on the activities for this week’s words. If you think you are done with all of the activities you are free to “Turn In All” today. If not, you have another day to do it, that is fine.

ELA: Role of Secondary characters

Please complete 30 minutes of independent reading. This reading, if fiction, will help you with your Seesaw activity today.

The main character in a fiction book has all types of people around him/her. Some are advisors, those who support them and give them advice. Others are sidekicks, people who are friends they have fun with! Lastly, some secondary characters are challengers. Those are usually the “enemies” in a text. The people who make the main character mad, upset or uncomfortable.

Log into Seesaw (Check the Heathcote Gateway for instructions.)

Find and complete the activity, Role of Secondary Characters.

Read Aloud: Wonder (Continued) @ 12:00

Math -Intensive Practice review: Mrs. Boyer

Link to video through YouTube

Here are the slides to copy into your own slideshow, or print out and insert later. Intensive Practice Pages

Need to challenge yourself? Try to solve for the area in two ways. Try counting the boxes, breaking it up into squares and rectangles and multiply length x width or use the negative space to help you.

DMC #6


Make sure you are answering these in full sentences. Ex. On the weekend I like to…  I celebrate my birthday by…. **Social Aspects due by the end of the day Friday**


Ms. Cameron’s Page

Join Ms. Cameron’s Google Classroom- Code: i2gktah

Press the 9 boxes Then press Google Classroom.

Go to the plus button and press Join Class. 

Then enter the code for Ms. Mangan’s class: i2gktah

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Strings – Dr. Schultz

Band – Mr. Weber