There should be no Homework


Dear Mr. Wilson,


At Fox Meadow School we have way too much homework. Homework takes up too much time when you could be doing ,enjoying and learning other things.It makes everyone miserable when you have to come home from school and have to do some boring school work. You just came back from a perfectly good day of school and bo homework. Do you?  At Fox Meadow School there should be no homework.

Homework can make you stressed and stress is bad for your health. In fact you have to

be at school every day so more homework will make you stressed out.You should be able to relax . When you are sick,you don’t need to worry about homework. You can just get better.for example my friend once got  stressed and threw up so she could not go to school the next day.

It gives the teacher less time to teach . The teacher is spending more correcting homework then teaching for example the teacher could be helping a child with something they do not understand.Sometimes when i walk past other classrooms and I see teachers correcting homework not helping children . On the other hand, homework you need to figure out yourself.

It gives you more time to do or learn other things. For intestines family time is important to.You could be learning a sport like football,basketball ,socorro or swimming . You could also be playing a instrument like violin,piano and the clarinet.I play  the piano .yes sometimes it is hard because I have homework.Like when I want to practise my piano pieces don’t have time because I have too much homework. Learning other things are important to.

Some people might think that homework is very important but people who say that are wrong. However homework is just a waste of time and you are just doing the same thing over and over again .it is the same thing as school work you could just be doing it at school.

Homework is bad for your health.  it can make you stress. The teacher will not  be teaching as much because the teacher will be correcting homework. Even if  there’s an ad and and the teacher is teaching the ad could be helping a student.  Naw what are you waiting for go  and call off homework!




One thought on “There should be no Homework

  1. Hey Lena I totally agree we should have NO HOME WORK ! Because it takes time of family time and the teachers have to take time out of there morning to check it .

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