How I Met Kasey

On vacation I went on the best cruise in the world! Right when I stepped on that boat I knew it would be the best vacation ever. But the only thing was that we had to go to the information desk where you plan all your dinners , events and exscertions wich are activities on shore and guess how long that took?  1 Hour ! Which is a really long time. After that we did some more boring stuff but now I am going to talk about the fun part of the trip. It all started at a hibachi restaurant when another girl was sitting next to me then she asked me what my name was and “Lena” I responded. what is your name I asked “Kasey ” she said. We spent the rest of the night talking about ourselves and our hobbies. We said we would meet each other by the pool the next day. The next day Kasey said ” do you want to be my best friend ?” and I  responded ” yes ” and then we both ran off  with a big smile on our faces. And now were best friends.

One thought on “How I Met Kasey

  1. Hi Lena,
    What a lovely way to meet someone! I don’t think I have ever met Kasey but she sounds quite nice.

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