It’s Important To Have A True Friend On Your Side

Do you think that it’s important to have a true friend, well I do.  I think that it is important to have a true friend on your side because you would have no one to get things off your mind and cheer you up, a true friend could also tell you something that someone else couldn’t tell you and most of all you would get really lonely.

One reason I think this is that you would have no one to get things off your mind and cheer you up. For example one time I was crying and my friend asked me “what’s wrong Lena?” and by the end of  the day I was laughing. If I did not have a friend to cheer me up I would have been sad the whole day. At the end of the day I felt really happy that my friends cheered me up because without them it would have been a horrible day. Sometimes it’s good to have someone to talk to like if you are sad or you have really good news. Sometimes it’s good to say it out loud and get it off your mind. Don’t you think?

My second reason is a true friend could tell you something that someone else could not. Like if something happens it might be weird to have someone you don’t know that well and come up to you and say something. On the other hand if a true friend tells you it you know they are saying it to help you, not to be mean.  An example of this is one time someone smeared mud on the back of my shirt and my friend kindly said “ Lena you have mud on the back of your shirt.” When they said that I knew they were trying to help me not to be mean. If someone I didn’t know so well told me about the mud I would probably have felt embarrassed even though they didn’t mean to.

My final reason is without a true friend you would be very lonely. If you didn’t have a friend you would be really bored at recess, you would have no one to have play dates with and you would have no one to sit with at lunch. I always play with my friends at recess, have play dates with my friends after school and sit with my friends at lunch.

I love my friends so much and it is really hard to imagine life without them. They care for me, they are kind to me and they help me. I hope that everyone is lucky to have true friends like me.

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