Capstone #5- Answering My Main Inquiry Question

Today (6/6/17) was the last day for doing my main inquiry question essay, and I was really excited about finally finishing it because it was one hard essay to write about only one question. I first worked with Ms. McShane, who was one of the biggest helps for my essay. My essay was probably one of the longest essays I ever did in 5th grade. And here is my essay:

How has Batman remained so popular through the years?

Did you know that Batman, the crime-fighting caped crusader, has been popular for almost 80 years old? In my Capstone project, i will show how the caped crusader has kept his popularity. The main inquiry question that I chose to answer is, “How has Batman remained popular throughout the years?”  Batman’s popularity can be attributed to several reasons: Batman Comics, tv shows, and multiple movies have contributed to Batman’s popularity; Batman’s ability to solve crimes; his cool gadgets, and; the interesting villains and good guys, like his sidekick, Robin.

Background Information and Batman Expert, Bob Bretall

Batman’s first appearance was in 1939 on the Detective Comics #27. Batman Comic Books continue to sell today. I interviewed Bob Bretall and he owns 104,000 comic books about 2,000 are Batman comics. Bretall’s first comic was Detective comic #400, “Challenge of the Man-Bat.”  Here is a picture of that comic book’s cover:

Bob Bretall really helped me answer my inquiry question. Bretall said that many people like Batman for different reasons. One reason that people like Batman is Batman is a regular man and they relate to him. Another reason is Batman is good and likes to protect people. Bob Bretall said that he was drawn to Batman’s goodness. Other people like Batman’s gadgets like the Batmobile, the utility belt, and Batarangs to a name a few. Since Batman had no superpowers, his gadgets helped him. Many feel that Batman’s villains were exciting. People like Batman’s strength and ability to beat the enemy up.

DC Comics, TV Shows, Movies 

Batman Comics, tv shows, and multiple movies have contributed to Batman’s popularity. Comics wise, Batman has been on the top ten list of DC comic sales every month since the 70’s. Batman remains a best seller of DC comics.

Another time, Batman has been very popular was with the Adam West TV series that began airing in 1966-1968.


But there have been many Batman movies made since the popular TV series. Here is a long list of the various series and movies:

Of these various movies, I really liked the Tim Burton one made in with Michael Keaton playing the starring role  in 1989:

Crime-Solving Skill

The cape crusader is one of Gotham’s best detectives. Batman’s ability of solving crimes and capturing criminals is appealing.  This ability is one of Batman’s most important “superpower” because many villains could do something secretly that Batman has to solve.  

Interesting Villains and Good Guys

Batman’s villains are one of the most important things about Batman comics and many people like him because of them. Popular villains include The Joker, Catwoman and, in recent years, Bane:

Batman has also remained popular due to his relationship with his sidekick, Robin.  Robin has been played by many different actors, such as Burt Ward, who played him in the Adam West TV series and Chris O’Donell who played Robin in the 1997 movie, Batman and Robin:

Final Thoughts
To add it all up, the caped crusader has been loved for many different reasons throughout these 78 years of crime fighting.  Batman has and will always be one of the most important superheroes because of his: being in the DC Comics, TV shows, and multiple movies, and; ability to solve crimes. His cool gadgets and the interesting villains and good guys, like his sidekick, Robin has also helped his popularity.

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  1. I agree that there are many reasons for his popularity. My favorite Batman of all time was the TV Batman played by Adam West. I grew up watching the TV series every day after school. (I especially loved the episodes with Batgirl. She would stand in front of her “normal” closet then it would flip and reveal the a hidden side with all her Batgirl outfits. I thought that was super wow.) My favorite movie Batman was played by Christian Bale.

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