Awesome Weekend!

Over the weekend, on Friday, my parents and I went to my old house to pack up some stuff to bring back to my new house. Also, on Friday, at my old house, I went to my neighbor’s house. At my neighbor’s house,  played video games and also ate dinner with them.

When I went to my old house again, I drove back to my new house to go to sleep. On Saturday,  I stayed at my new house with my aunt and uncle while my parents went back to my old house. Also my parents hired a moving truck to bring all my furniture to my new house. When my parents got home with the moving people, my parents placed all the furniture in my new house. When the moving people left I went to see all my new furniture in the new house. I said “whoa!”

On Sunday, my aunt, my brother, and I played ping pong. Then my aunt had to go. Then,  my dad asked me to play piano. Then when I was finished with the piano my mom asked me and my brother to do the laundry. Me and my brother folded two loads of laundry.

When me and my brother finished doing our chores we ate burgers for lunch. Then me and my brother both played video games together.

When dinner was ready my mom cooked pork chops, fried rice, and chicken. When me and my brother finished dinner me and my brother decided to read for 30 minutes. Finally me and my brother went to sleep.

The Adventure of a First Puppy!

Today was December 27, 2017. I was on vacation, and we were going to eat lunch. We went to Pizza at the Beach.  After we ate, we went to the store next to us called Diamonds and Doggies. We went inside and saw the cutest puppy in the world. We asked to take her out. When she was out we went in a little place that we could play with her. After they set her down, we started to play with her. My mom asked my dad “Can we get her?” Of course my dad said no, but me my mom, and John really wanted it.  So, my mom made a deal with the person at the desk. She asked her, “Can we get her for $1500 instead of $1800?”. She told us she would text the manager. Then, the manager came out from the back after he sent a text saying “yes”. After that,  my mom sighed the papers. Then, we chose some toys and accessories for Vally. Vally is the name we chose for her. It was raining so we waited for the rain to stop.

When the rain stopped, we went in the car. We had a bag to put Vally  in when we are traveling in the car or on the plane. Instead, we held her to make her more comfortable. We took turns holding Vally. We had fun.

We then took her to the vet. The store gave us a free vet. The vet said that she was one very nice dog. Before we left, we saw another dog so we let them play. After, we went to the pet store next to the vet. Mom, me, and John stayed in the car. My dad went their but he didn’t get anything because their was nothing on sale.

Two days latter we had to leave Florida. We were going to take the plane. It was 4:00 a.m, but our plane flight started at 5:00 a.m.. We went on a taxi for the first time. I held Vally. She was very quiet on the plane, but we were still not allowed to take her out of her carry bag. After the plane flight, our uncle picked us up. We went home, and took out Vally and showed her, her new home.

Cold Run!

It was Saturday at 1:00. I was staying with my family at Woodlock Pines. We had taken the bus the indoor pool on the other side of the hotel.  When we got there, I  realized that I had forgot my bathing suit! I ran outside to see if the bus was still there, but I was too late. The bus had just stared to drive away when I go there. The bus wouldn’t be back for 20-25 minutes. I was going to have to run across in the snow and in the cold  of 0 degrees Fahrenheit with my Mom to get my suit.

So, we stepped outside and started running. Then, my mom forgot her bag so we ran back to the pool to get it. When we opened the door again we started to run. After a minute, I couldn’t feel my hands at all. I put my hands in my winter jacket so they wouldn’t be as cold. I was afraid that I was going to get frostbite, but I didn’t.

There were cars on the road so we had to walk on the snow. My shoes were getting really wet and my socks too. It was so cold that me and my mom had to make a stop. It had already been five minutes.

We saw a little cabin with a door in it so we stopped there and went inside. We took a break, then went out the other side. The hotel entrance door was 500 feet away. We ran so hard, and finally we reached it. It felt so good to be inside rather than outside.

I learned a valuable lesson, that iIwill always wait for the bus and never do something like that again.

Awesome Wednesday

Today is E day and in the morning, Ms.P. asked us to do cursive pages. It wasn’t that hard because it was copying words and even some grammar teaching in the cursive. First, we did math. We are learning two digit multiplication and area bars. The multiplication was a little confusing at first because there was a lot of numbers and we had to add them together.

Then, we went to music. We learned about some religion traditions in Hanukkah, Christmas, and even some of Kwanzaa. We also learned a song that all three 4th grade classes are going to sing.

After that, it was almost CCT time. We did a little bit of science. We are learning about food chains and food webs. It was fun because we were going to make our own food webs. We also went through what we were going to do at CCT time.

At CCT time, we had to finish some multiplication problems, answer only six science questions, and some cut and paste science activities. The room was really chaotic.

Finally, it was time to get ready for lunch. I sat with my friends and at recess, I played with my friends again. Recess is my favorite part of the day.

Then, after recess we did reading with our reading partners. We edited some paragraphs that we wrote yesterday. Some had a lot of mistakes. Others paragraphs didn’t have a lot of mistakes. We also had to edit our own paragraphs with our partners from yesterday. We had to edit a lot because there were a lot of mistakes! If we were done editing, then we had to work on some math problems from yesterday with our same partners. We pretty much did that for the rest of the day. Today was awesome!


Native American Show!

Today at school we had an assembly of Native Americans! What happened was four Native Americans came in and  they danced, sang, and told us about Native Americans. One of the Native Americans danced so quick in a really big costume, while another Native American played the drum and sang. After they did that they told us about something called the Love Flute. The Love Flute is a flute that the Native Americans used to play in front of a girl that they like. They say once you play it that girl will fall in love with you. There were a lot of more cool things they did, but it would take a lot of typing to explain. I think that that concert was very fun and cool and I hope they come back next year for another concert!

Another Thursday in Ms. P’s class.

It was Thursday morning and when my classmates and I walked in, the white board said we had to finish some pages in our cursive book. Since it was F day, at 9:30 we headed to P.E. At P.E. we played a game that was kind of like dodgeball. There were two doctors on each team and if someone got hit with a ball then the doctor could come and tap them back into the game. The aim of the game was to get both the other team’s doctors out.

When we got back from P.E., we ate snack. While we were eating snack, we were also making a diagram of the life cycle of a plant. When we were done with snack and making diagrams, it was CCT time.

At CCT time, some of the people in our class go out to separate teachers for special purposes. The people who don’t go, get a list of work to do.

After CCT time, it was time to go to lunch and recess. The lunch special was pizza, but not many people got it . After lunch it was recess time.  It was indoor recess due to snowy weather. So, during recess a lot of people played knock hockey or dominos.

Next, after recess we were back in the classroom to do some more work. When we got back to the classroom we had to take out our reading notebooks, come to the rug, and sit next to our reading partners. We were focusing on taking notes. We practiced editing and revising some other people’s summaries of the book Heat Waves and Droughts.

After that, we had to edit each others summaries with a partner until the end of the day. Right before the end of the day, we copied our homework and put it into our bag. Then before you know it, it was time to leave!


Thinking Thursday


“Good morning students,” Ms. Papantoniou said as I walked in the doors. I sat down and started my morning work. Thursday is instrumental day which means we get to do a bunch of different things like math science and other stuff.

Then we went to P.E. that’s short for physical education. We played a game, where we had a scooter, rope, 6 spots, and a hoolahoop. We had 10 people on our team and we all had to get across! It was really fun. Then after that, we had a working snack.

After that we had lunch and recess, my favorite part of the day! I sat with my friends and tried to chew with our mouths closed. It didn’t really work. Then we had recess. We played on the playground and some kids played tag. We returned to class and worked on independent work.

Then it was time for library. We learned about indexes and the table of contents.  We also learned about subtitles. We guessed how George Washington became a good leader. Someone said all good leaders have fluffy hair. Then we did an assignment with our partners, were we had to write a prediction about the headings and what the text would be about.

When we got back to the classroom and then it was time to leave. It was an amazing, thinking Thursday. Looking forward to tomorrow!

Wonderful Half Day Wednesday

Today is Wednesday, and it was a half day. When we walked in side of the classroom we checked our grammar and word study homework. After that Mrs. P taught us how to do multiplication in a different way. I think it was easy because it’s less multiplying than usual, and some addition.  


After math, it was time to go to P.E. Last week our P.E. coach, Mr Hoover, told us we were going to do step stone, and some team work. When we walked in the gym, Mr. Hoover explained what we were doing and than Mr. Hoover made the teams. There were 4 teams, three teams had 6 people, and one group had 5 people. I was in the team with 5. After that, we did exercise to warm us up and then we played. Our teams huddled up to do a strategy and my team had a good one. So we started, if someone fell on the floor which is (lava) your team has to restart. We got some circle spots and everyone started. It was fun, and hard.


Then, we did a summary about how heat waves and droughts begin. It was not to hard. It was only a few words. After a little, we did some reading activity with our reading partners.


Finally, our teacher showed use what we had to do for homework. It looked easy and fun. We packed up our stuff, and when the bell rang the pickup went and then the bus. It was a fun half day.

Terrific Tuesday!

This morning, everyone came in the classroom and checked the grammar and math homework from last night. Ms. P had a meeting to go to at 9:30. Ms. C and Ms. Fairley were going to take care of us.


After checking homework, we began math. We were working on multiplication with bar models. Ms. P assigned us to do 3,4,5, and 12.


Next, we did independent work. We have a checklist of what to do.

Here are some things we did:

1) Fiction Story  

2) Finish cursive pages 50-59

3) Watch the movie about Adaptations in your chrome book, science folder.

Those are some things we did.


After independent work, we went to Music. Native Americans came to school yesterday and did dancing and played music, but today they are coming back and taking any questions. They took questions and they showed us  two videos of Native Americans. Then we did the Duck Dance and the Snake Dance. It was so fun!


Next we had CCT time. At CCT time we just resumed are independent work.


Soon after, we did reading and writing. We were working on identifying the five Non-Fiction text structures that an author uses. There is Compare and Contrast, Cause and Effect, Problem and Solution, Sequential, and Descriptive.


The last thing we did today, was blogging about anything we want. This was surely a Terrific Tuesday!  

A Great Monday in Mrs. P’s Class

Today is Monday in Mrs. P’s class. We just had Math. It was was fun because we are learning about multiplying big numbers. I personally think it was easy. Although I am not very good at my 7, 8 , and 9’s table.

After that we had Spanish. At Spanish we did an animal chart it said how many legs this animal had, and does this animal have a tail, and lots more.

Then we went to a Native American Assembly it was really fun. There were lots of colors, and dancing. They even asked for some guests to come up and do a dance with them.  The thing is Mrs. P had to choose, and we had just told everyone in the class to point at Charlie so he could go up. Our plan still worked everyone instead of pointing at Charlie we, all told Mrs. P to chose him. He ended up getting to go up either way. When he went up they did this funny robin dance. A little after that they did a romance story, but instead of telling it they acted it. They got a teacher up on stage and made the story come to life. That was hilarious to!

Then we had CCT time. At CCT time we just blogged for a little while. Then we went to lunch and recess. We have lunch first and then we head right out to recess.

Then we wrote a summary all together about this book that we had been studying called Heat Waves and Droughts.

After that we did diagrams. We were with our Nonfiction reading partners. We had to read a passage and then make a diagram of what is said or talked about. Then we wrote our homework in our planners. After that Mrs. P told us about the next day because it was going to be a little different.