Maglev Reflection Day 1

Our class has been working on maglev trains! Maglev trains are trains made out of magnets. The goal is to get the train to levitate above the tracks. My group and I decided that if we used 4 strip magnets,2 ring magnets, and 5 circle magnets it would work! So what we did is we designed the track first.

We taped 1 strip magnet on one side and the other strip magnet on the other. Then we took the 5 circle magnets and taped them down in the middle of the strip magnets. Finally it was time to design the train cart.

What we did was we taped 2 ¬†magnets on the sides ¬†one magnet on one side the other on the other side. Then we took the ring magnets and taped them on the middle. Now it was time… for what you ask? to see if it levitates!



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