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Blog Post #1

For the past few weeks my group and I have been working on our plants. Mrs.Mangan is keeping a secret from us by not telling us what the plant is going to grow into. We used a quad well technically we used 2 quads because we made 1 manipulated and 1 controlled. For the controlled we used water and for the manipulated we used seltzer. Okay back on topic… so we also used 3 fertilizer pellets, 3 seeds, soil, water, seltzer.


My only question is how long the plant will survive? For example will it last a week a day a month? We do have a hypothesis and that we think it won’t grow because we’re all assuming that flavoring makes the plant unhealthy.


Okay now let’s talk about what happened over the past week. So far it looks like only the controlled plant has grown and the manipulated plant well not so well… The manipulated plant hasn’t even poked a  tiny leaf out of the dirt. The controlled I have to say it’s doing great! The controlled has almost grown an inch the plant is only 4 feet away.