Curiosity Project-Golden Retrievers

A Curiosity Project is when you choose a topic you want to research about. When your done listing all your information you gather it and make a slide show.

My Curiosity Project was about golden retrievers. Chose this topic because I loved dogs for so long. But my favorite dog was a golden retriever. There my favorite dogs because my mom had one growing up and i love when you look in there adorable eyes.

This is my Curiosity Project:

It was super fun to do this slide show on golden retrievers. It was a great expirience to learn more about my topic. I really really REALLY hope we will do another slide show on a new topic. If we do I think my topic will be deadly animals.


10 thoughts on “Curiosity Project-Golden Retrievers

  1. I really liked your slide show because you described golden retrievers really well! I really want to get a golden retriever now!

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