Learning From our Differences

Every year at, Heathcote elementary school we do something called learning from our differences. Learning from our differences is a day where someone who has a disability comes in and teaches the students about they’re disability.

Today a man named, Dennis Oehler came in and tought us about his disability. When Dennis came he seemed totally fine… He wasn’t deaf, he wasn’t blind, he was also walking perfectly. He seemed totally¬† fine.

When Dennis came to tell us about his story I was staring at him and thinking, does this guy really have a disability? But then the teachers told us to sit so he could talk. I have to admit, Dennis was a really funny guy.

Finally Dennis starting talking about his story! He said,”I was packing up to go home from work when my friend comes up tome and asks,”hey I got 2 hockey tickets wanna come?” And of course Dennis said,”ya sure!” So they went to the game and it was pouring rain. But the rain slowed them down so they came to the hockey game late. they went in and had lots of fun! But when the hockey game was over they were gonna go home. Since they parked in the very back of the parking lot they had to walk pretty far and they got soaked by the rain. They were about to go home but the engine wasn’t working.

That’s when Dennis stepped outside and called someone over. The person they pulled over and helped them and then they were on the highway. There was lots of traffic and so they had to wait and wait. Finally the traffic started moving and they were pulling into the rite lane when they’re engine stopped again. The traffic was moving but they weren’t The people behind them didn’t know what was happening so they started to honk they’re horn. Then Dennis went outside to move the car to the side by hand.

The person behind them couldn’t wait 30 seconds so they went around them. But the car behind Dennis didn’t see him and that’s when the car hit him. Dennis was taking to the hospital imediantly. When he woke up he found himself with a fake leg. When the hospital sent Dennis home Dennis didn’t leave the house for 3 months. But thats when his best friend dragged him to the Paralympics. Dennis found it really cool and thats howhe became a marathon runner in the Paralympics!

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